Persons tagged with «Comparative literature»

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Grimstad, Knut Andreas Professor +47 22856794 +47 48126303 (mob) Polish literature, Translation Studies, Polish, Russian literature, East European Studies, Comparative literature
Guth, Stephan Professor +47-22856783 Arabic, Turkish, Comparative Literature, Languages and Literatures of the "Islamic World", Etymology of Arabic, Philology, In 2016, Middle East, CIMS
Kaasa, Janicke S Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856886 Canadian Literature, Identity politics, Post Colonialism, Genre, North, Comparative literature, Literature, Rhetoric, Travel Writing
Kukkonen, Karin Associate Professor +47-22854872 Comparative Literature, Eighteenth-Century Studies, Comics and Graphic Novels, Narratology, Cognitive Poetics
Malm, Mats Professor II +47-22854255 cultural heritage, textual criticism, Digital humanities, Nordic literature, Antiquity, comparative literature
Muñiz, Iris Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22855222 Women's literary history, Comparative literature, Translation, Gender and Feminist Studies, Ibsen, Spanish, Spanish literature, Women Writers
Rønning, Anne Birgitte Professor +47-22856741 Women's literary history, Gender and aesthetics, Book History, Historical novels, Literary theory, Robinsonades, Comparative literature, Digital Humanities, Modernism
Schimanski, Johan Professor +47-22854314 Borders, Postcolonialism, Comparative Literature, Author museums, National identity, Science Fiction, Arctic discourses, Literary Theory, Literary History, head of research, Welsh, leadership ILOS
Vervaet, Stijn Associate Professor +47-22856710 Memory Studies, Central Europe, Comparative literature, Cultural history, Balkans, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
Zorgati, Ragnhild Johnsrud Associate Professor +47-22856855 History of Religions, Islam, Middle East, North Africa, Comparative Literature, CIMS
Østenstad, Inger Associate Professor +47-22858320 Literature, Comparative literature, Literary Theory