Persons tagged with «Cultural Studies»

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Gober, Greta Guest Researcher / Higher Executive Officeer +47-96811793 (mob) Media, Cultural studies, Social change, Gender, Narrative research
Lishaugen, Roar Associate Professor +47-22845883 Cultural Studies, Central Europe, History of Reading, Czech, Book History, Discourse Analysis
Lundblad, Michael Professor +47-22856007 Literature, Literary Theory, Biopolitics, Cultural Studies, Animal Studies, Disability Studies, North America, USA, Illness Studies, Posthumanism, Animality Studies, American literature, Critical Theory
Ohrvik, Ane Associate Professor +47-22857837 +47 40854377 Cultural Studies, knowledge, Cultural history, Book History, Rituals, Witchcraft and magic, Cultural encounters
Santos, Diana Professor +47 22857657 natural language processing, semantics, Translation, Corpus linguistics, Portuguese, Contrastive linguistics, Cultural Studies, Statistics
Sen, Moumita Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22855104 +4746248448 South Asia, Art History, Anthropological theory, Aesthetic theory, Cultural history, Cultural Studies, Popular Visual Culture, Religion and politics, Religionshistorie
Storm-Mathisen, Ardis Researcher +47-22858721 Gender, Global South, Children, Family, Body, Cultural studies, Youth, Sociology
Thorsson, Bergsveinn Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854255 Cultural Studies, Anthropocene, Environmental Humanities, Museums and Museology
Zaharchenko, Tanya Research Fellow in Ukrainian Studies +47 228 55602 Ukraine, Area Studies, Borders, Contemporary Literature, Cultural Studies, East European Studies, Russia, National identity
Ødemark, John Associate Profesor 228 56856 Cultural history, Cultural Studies, Cultural heritage, Nature and the Natural, Latin-America, Witchcraft and magic, Folklore and popular memory