Persons tagged with «Digital Humanities»

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Aurora, Federico Academic Librarian +47-22845533 Library, Greek, Latin, Italian, Lingusitics, Dialectology, Indo-European, Digital Humanities
Brovold, Madelen Doctoral Research Fellow Drama, Scandinavian literature, Digital Humanities, Antisemittisme
Druta, Gianina Doctoral Research Fellow +40-729657829 Ibsen, Romanian theatre, Digital Humanities
Evensen, Nina Marie Researcher +47-22858687 +47-92060359 (mob) Scholarly editing, Philology, Digital Humanities
Fagerjord, Anders Associate Professor +47-22850411 +47-98041073 (mob) Digital Humanities, Media and communication, Social media, Media innovation, media technology, Mobile media, Design Studies
Hanssen, Jens-Morten Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858317 Ibsen, German Theatre, Digital Humanities
Helland, Frode Head of Department +47-22858676 Culture, Drama, Digital Humanities, Ibsen studies, Scandinavian literature
Holledge, Julie Professor Kultur, Performance, Women's theatre, Digital Humanities, Ibsen studies
Iranowska, Joanna Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22855235 Museums and Museology, Cultural heritage, Archives, Digitizing, Digital Humanities
Karlsen, Heidi Doctoral Research Fellow Digital Humanities, Reception Studies, Feministisk teori
Korkiakangas, Timo Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22854780 Latin, historical linguistics, treebanks, Digital Humanities
Lange, Katharina Higher Executive Officer +47-22855239 Art History, Digital Humanities, Digital learning resources, Databases, Research support
Llosa Sanz, Álvaro Associate Professor +47-22855532 +47 22 85 55 32 Spanish Literature, Literary Theory, Book History, Renaissance Literature, Hypermedia, Media history, Rhetoric, Material Culture, Digital Humanities, Digital Literacy
Malm, Mats Professor II +47-22854255 comparative literature, cultural heritage, textual criticism, Nordic literature, Antiquity, Digital humanities
Ore, Christian-Emil Smith Associate Professor +47-22856968 90117410 (mob) Digital Humanities, e-Lexicograpy, Text Encoding, Text Editions, Conceptual Modeling
Rønning, Anne Birgitte Professor +47-22856741 Comparative literature, Literary theory, Gender and aesthetics, Modernism, Robinsonades, Historical novels, Women's literary history, Digital Humanities, Book History