Persons tagged with «Health»

Navn Telefon E-post Emneord
Andersen, Espen Lyng Senior Adviser +47-22845801 Finance, Financial management, Budget, Reporting, Accounts, Health, safety and environment, Safety organization, Local working environment committee (LWEC)
Bauer, Susanne Associate Professor +47-22841616 Science and Technology Studies, Health, Russia, Sociology, History of Science, biomedicine and life science studies, Anthropology of science, feminist technoscience, digital objects, infrastructure, hybrid ecologies, bioeconomy, Environment Health and Safety, risk assesment
Bjørland, Liv E Alver Senior Engineer +47-22840527 Health, safety and environment, Building matters, Laboratory management
Jensen, Jan S. Adviser +47-22851952 Administration, Health, safety and environment
Kjelsvik, Ingrid Head of Office +47-22840531 Management, Financial management, Health, safety and enviromment
Lilleaas, Ulla-Britt +47-22858979 92038367 (mob) Sociology, Bodies, Masculinities, Gender, Gender equality, Health
Myhre-Nielsen, Dag Faculty Director, +47 22 85 03 09 +47 908 51 904 (mob) Management, Finance, Human Resources, Health, safety and environment (HSE)
Orning, Sara Elisabeth Sellevold Senior Lecturer +47-22858740 Feminist theory, Gender, Bodies, Equality, History, Health, Literature, Film, Disabilities
Rustad, Ole Senior Executive Officer +47-22851387 Administration, Health, safety and environment (HSE)
Rønningen, Randi Assistant Director +47-22844272 +47-92820545 (mob) Library, Management, Health, safety and environment
Tasken, Kjetil Centre Director +47-22840505 +47-90860759 (mob) Cell signalling, Cancer, Cancer biology, Cancer research, Health, Immunology, Life sciences, Regulatory T cells, T cells
Varøy, Mari Helén Senior Executive Officer +47-22852925 Student and academic administration, Recognition, Admissions, Quality of education, Student guidance, Health, safety and environment (HSE), Fire safety