Persons tagged with «Innovation»

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Andersen, Allan Dahl Researcher +47-22841615 Innovation, Innovation systems, Energy policy, Infrastructures, Science and innovation policy
Bye-Andersen, Are Senior Adviser +47-22856700 Alumni, Working life, Innovation
Christophersen, Nils Damm Professor Emeritus +47-22852406 +47-93496172 (mob) open source, open science, innovation, entrepreneurship
Erikson, Truls Professor and Director +47 22840928 Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Technology management, Team work, Board work, Enterprise
Estensen, Monica Bring Senior Adviser +47-22845319 Communication, Press contact, Web publishing, Innovation, Research communication, Project management
Gonzalez, Jakoba Sraml Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22841660 Innovation, Micro perspective on Innovation, Innovation process, Creativity, Innovation and creativity under constraints
Guillen-Royo, Monica Researcher +47-22841608 Innovation
Gulbrandsen, Magnus Professor +47-22841621 Innovation, University-industry relations, Commercialisation of research, Science policy, Research impact
Hallingby, Hanne-Kristine Innovation
Hanson, Jens Researcher +47-22841635 Innovation, Energy policy, Innovation systems, Renewable energy
Holden, Erling Professor II +47-22858797 Innovation
Ingstad, Eline Synneva Lorentzen PhD Candidate +47 22840926 Entrepreneurship, Social entrepreneurship, Social responsibility, Venture philantrophy, Social investments, Innovation
Leunbach, Daniel PhD Student +47 228409207 Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Strategy
Lie, Christine Mee Doctoral Research Fellow Innovation
Lindberg, Marie Byskov Doctoral Research Fellow + 47 92030043 Innovation, Energy transition, Policy mixes, Climate Policy, Climate change, Climate Politics
Mäkitie, Tuukka PhD Research Fellow +47 22 84 57 85 Innovation, Innovation systems, Environment and Energy
Nakkerud, Andreas Doctoral Research Fellow 99493992 (mob) Statistics, Optimization, Innovation, Big Data, Logic, Mathematical Logic, Data Science, OBDA, Knowledge Representation
Normann, Håkon Endresen Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22845885 95142524 (mob) +47 951 42524 Innovation, Environment and Energy, Energy policy, Innovation systems
Nykamp, Hilde +47-22841617 93285877 (mob) 932 85 877 Innovation, Innovation systems, Climate change, Energy policy, Renewable energy
Rolfsen Grønsund, Tor Adjunct assistant professor Technology, Entrepreneurship, Innovation
Santoalha, Artur Doctoral Research Fellow +351 916 728 247 Innovation
Schwabe, Henrik Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22855675 Innovation
Simensen, Erlend Osland Doctoral Research Fellow Innovation, Renewable energy
Sogner, Ingrid Section Manager +47-22854465 +47-90663386 (mob) International cooperation, EU, External funding, Business, Innovation, Research politics, Research administration
Soppe, Birthe Associate Professor +47-22840919 Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Institutional Theory, Organizations, Sustainability, Green Industries
Strøm-Andersen, Nhat Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845786 Innovation
Stølen, Svein Rector +47-22856303 life science, materials and energy, Innovation, Nanotechnology
Szulecka, Julia Postdoctoral Fellow innovation
Tartiu, Valentina Elena Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22841611 Innovation
Thune, Taran Associate Professor, TIK, University of Oslo Innovation, Innovation process, Innovation systems
Wicken, Olav Professor +47-22841619 Innovation systems, Science and innovation policy, History of technology and industry, Innovation