Persons tagged with «Islam»

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Abdel-Fadil, Mona Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22850425 Gender Studies, Social anthropology, Media, Religion, Islam, Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
Al Daghistani, Sami Researcher +47-22854816 Middle East, Islamization, Economic history, Intellectual history, CIMS, SIMS, Islamic Economics, Islam, Islamic law
Bektovic, Safet Associate Professor +47-22850357 Philosophy of Religion, Islam, Inter-religious Studies – inter-religious dialogue
Hofheinz, Albrecht Associate Professor +47-22856854 +47-47285768 Islam, Morocco, Arab Media, CIMS, Internet, Sudan, Timbuktu, Egypt, The Middle East, North Africa, Mali
Larsen, Kjersti Professor +47-22859968 Indian Ocean, Northern Sudan, Religion, Rituals and Cosmology, Islam, Identity, Ethnography, Performativity, Mobility and Migration, Gender, Social Anthropology
Leirvik, Oddbjørn Birger Professor +47-22850363 Jesus, Islam, Sekularitet, Religion og politikk, samvittighet, Religion i skolen, Interreligiøse studier - Religionsdialog
Makboul, Laila Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22844512 Arabic, Saudi Arabia, Islamism, Middle East, Islam, CIMS
Selimovic, Amina Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850388 Gender and theology, Islam, Interreligiøse studier - Religionsdialog
Shah, Farhan Doctoral Research Fellow +47-97798400 (mob) Filosofi, Interreligiøse studier - Religionsdialog, Islam
Stene, Nora Associate professor 228 44068 History of Religions, Christianity, Islam, The Middle East, Copts/ Coptic Church, CIMS
Thorbjørnsrud, Berit S Professor +47-22858196 40484837 (mob) Gender Studies, Islam, CIMS, History of Religions, The Middle East
Utvik, Bjørn Olav Professor, Head of Department +47-22856808 +47-97133256 (mob) +47-97133256 Middle East, Oil Politics in the Gulf Region, Islam, Religion and politics, CIMS
Van Den Breemer, Rosemarie Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850344 Islam, Religion og politikk, Sekularitet
Vogt, Kari Emerita History of Religions, Islam, CIMS
Zorgati, Ragnhild Johnsrud Associate Professor +47-22856855 History of Religions, Islam, Middle East, North Africa, Comparative Literature, CIMS
Ørum, Olav Gjertsen Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854436 92027533 (mob) 0047 92027533 Judaeo-Arabic, The Middle East, Sociolinguistics, Arabic, CIMS, Islam, Egypt, Semitic, Hebrew