Persons tagged with «Science and Technology Studies»

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Asdal, Kristin Professor +47-22841614 Environment and Energy, Science and Technology Studies, Politics of nature, Science and policy, Actor-Network Theory, Climate change, Expertise, Science and innovation policy
Bauer, Susanne Associate Professor +47-22841616 Science and Technology Studies, hybrid ecologies, History of Science, Anthropology of science, Environment Health and Safety, Sociology, bioeconomy, biomedicine and life science studies, digital objects, Russia, feminist technoscience, Health, risk assesment, infrastructure
Berg, Anne-Jorunn Centre Director +47-22858973 41123867 (mob) 41123867 Multicultural, Feminist theory, Science and technology studies, Gender studies
Delgado, Ana Associate Professor +47-22855850 bioeconomy, sharing and ownership, futures, Science and Technology Studies, social movements, infrastructure, Politics of knowledge and technology, publics, biological objects, open science
Druglitrø, Tone Associate Professor +47-22841627 94986339 (mob) 94986339 Actor-Network Theory, Feminist Theory, Science and Technology Studies, History of science and technology
Hobæk, Bård Doctoral Research Fellow Science and Technology Studies
Huse, Tone Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22855264 Science and Technology Studies
Lysgård, Sylvia Irene Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22841656 Energy Policy, Science and policy, Renewable energy, Science and Technology Studies
Reinertsen, Hilde Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22841652 Bioeconomy, Policy Studies, Foreign Aid, Aquaculture, Science and Technology Studies, History, Public Sector Management, Montoring and Evaluation, Document Analysis.
Talleraas, Tina Science and Technology Studies
Tvedten, Irene Øvstebø Doctoral Research Fellow Science policy, Climate change, Science and Technology Studies