Terje Lohndal

Professor of English linguistic at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology

He got his BA from the University of Oslo in 2008 and his PhD from the University of Maryland in 2012.

Terje conducts his research within generative grammar as pioneered and developed by Noam Chomsky. He works mainly on syntactic theory from a synchronic and diachronic perspective, focusing among others on the relationship between the invariant principles that are part of our Language Faculty and the variation among various languages.

His work is mostly focused on the comparative syntax of English and Norwegian. His dissertation discusses the relationship between syntax and semantics and provides a syntax for Neo-Davidsonian logical forms.

In addition, Terje is interested in philosophy of language, and works on how Chomskyan theories of meaning can be developed. He is particularly concerned with how to understand notions such as truth and reference from a Chomskyan perspective.

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