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Silje Aambø Langvatn is a postdoctoral fellow in political philosophy at PluriCourts – Centre for the Study of the Legitimate Roles of the International Judiciary (University of Oslo), and affiliated with CSMN.


The focus of Silje’s current research is on conceptions of “legitimacy”, and how legitimacy is distinct from, but also connected to ideas like morality, justice, legality, social acceptance etc. In particular, she discusses legitimacy in relation to international courts, and whether ideas of public justification and public reason can supplement the current dominant conceptions of legitimacy for this type of entity.


Academic Interests


Legal philosophy

International Courts

Rawls-Habermas debate

Public reason

Public justification

Deliberative democracy theory

Methodology of political philosophy



Prior to arriving at PluriCourts Silje completed a PhD in political philosophy at The University of Bergen with research stays at The Department of Political Theory Goethe Universität Frankfurt (2007-8) and the Government Department Harvard University (2009-10). The title of her dissertation was "The Idea and Ideal of Public Reason - John Rawls' Attempt to Conceptualize a Well-ordered Constitutional Democracy". In 2011 she worked full time as a researcher in the coordinator group of the FP7 project Value Isobars.

She holds a Cand. Phil. degree in philosophy from the Department of Philosophy, University of Bergen (2005), and a Master of Social Science from the Graduate School of Social Research, University of Edinburgh (2001). Undergrad studies from The University of Oslo.


See also:


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