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Higher education and employment history

PhD (DPhil) in Political Theory, Oxford University, 2011.

MPhil in Political Theory, Oxford University, 2004.

Previous academic employment: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at ERC Project, University of Vienna, 2011-2013.

Research statement

My forthcoming book Liberal Perfectionism: The Reasons that Goodness Gives (De Gruyter) defends a minimal form of liberal perfectionism. I argue that the promotion of individual well-being (understood objectively) is a distinctive feature of liberal perfectionism, and develop three prima facie arguments in its favour.  My more recent research has focused on the three following topics: the role of responsibility in luck egalitarianism, the conditions for the justifiability of interpersonal forgiveness and the grounds for taking privacy to be valuable.


  • Couto, Alexandra (2016). Reactive Attitudes, Forgiveness, and the Second-Person Standpoint. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice.  ISSN 1386-2820.  19(5), s 1309- 1323 . doi: 10.1007/s10677-016-9740-7
  • Couto, Alexandra (2015). Luck Egalitarianism and What Valuing Responsibility Requires. Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy.  ISSN 1369-8230.
  • Couto, Alexandra (2014). Reactive Attitudes, Disdain and the Second-Person Standpoint. Grazer Philosophische Studien.  ISSN 0165-9227.  90, s 79- 104

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  • Couto, Alexandra (2014). Liberal Perfectionism: The Reasons that Goodness Gives. De Gruyter.  ISBN 978-3-11-033695-5.

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