Helen Steward

Senior Lecturer, University of Leeds

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Helen joined the School of Philosophy at the University of Leeds in April 2007, having previously been Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy at Balliol College, Oxford. She has also spent time at Berkeley on a Harkness Fellowship and at the Australian National University as a Visiting Fellow.

Her research interests lie mainly in the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of action, and in the metaphysical and ontological issues which bear on these areas (e.g. causation, modality, the event/state distinction).

She is working at present on a book entitled ‘A Metaphysics for Freedom’, which argues for a distinctive version of incompatibilism, based on the idea that there is a conflict not only between determinism and free human action, but also between determinism and the activities of a wide variety of animals.

Published June 27, 2014 10:37 AM