Re-designing the Gap: Urbanization between Formal Institutions and Informal Dynamics

The Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature (UiO) and the Oslo School of Architecture and Design are bringing together, from near and far, theorists and practitioners in the fields of architecture as well as the natural and the social sciences, for a one-day conference at the House of Literature in Oslo.

We live in cities.

What kind of environment and livable conditions can our cities offer in the future?

We want to explore in this seminar how urbanism and architecture may contribute to a sustainable future for our cities by operating intelligently in the space between grassroots initiatives and top-down approaches. We shall explore the potential of a more active role for the architect as both a mediator and a key agent in shaping the future.

How can the many individual design-oriented, bottom-up initiatives add up to a movement of change? What policy changes would support all these initiatives, and also maximize the capabilities of design to secure basic needs and improve the urban environment.

The conference is open to the general public.

Program (pdf)

Speaker bios and abstracts (pdf)



Christel Fricke and Arna Mathiesen
Published Sep. 24, 2014 9:34 AM - Last modified Apr. 16, 2015 2:31 PM