Conference on Depiction and Perception

The conference aims to shed light on the interactions between theories  of depiction and the philosophy of perception. Some core issues concern  the capacities used for picture perception, imagination, aesthetic  response, veridicality, and the difference between 'seeing-in' and 'face to face' perception.



Wednesday the 12th of October

09:00-09:15: Coffee
09:15-10:30: Perception, Interpretation and Images as Design Objects – Lambert Wiesing (Jena)
10:35-11:50: Depiction, Systems of Representation and Resemblance – Catharine Abell (Manchester)
11:50-13:00: Lunch
13:00-14:15: Modernism and Pictorial Organization – Bence Nanay (Cambridge/Antwerp)
14:30-15:45: Prospects for a Sensory Profile Account of Pictorial Presence –
Robert Hopkins (NYU)
18:00:           Conference Dinner

Thursday the 13th of October

09:00-10:15: Picturing Possibilities – Dominic Gregory (Sheffield)
10:15-10:30: Coffee
10:30-11:45: Perceptual Mediation and the Problem of Non-Existence –
Maarten Steenhagen (Antwerp)
11:50-13:05: Moving Pictures – Solveig Aasen (Oslo)
12:05-14:00: Lunch

List of participants

Catharine Abell (Manchester)
Dominic Gregory (Sheffield)
Robert Hopkins (NYU)
Bence Nanay (Cambridge/Antwerp)
Maarten Steenhagen (Antwerp)
Lambert Wiesing (Jena)
Solveig Aasen (Oslo)


Solveig Aasen
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