Automaticity and Moral Responsibility (Dr Elinor Mason & Dr Dan Kelly)

he University of Oslo (IFIKK) invites you to the following seminar on ‘Automaticity and Moral Responsibility’. Note that the seminar is followed by an associated seminar on ‘Statistics for Philosophers’ (September 19th and 20th), which is optional to attended in addition.
‘Automaticity and Moral Responsibility’
In the recent decades, research in psychological, behaviour, and cognitive neurosciences has been taken to show that implicit biases, unconscious stereotypes, prejudices, and other attitudes and dispositions have to be acknowledged as cognitive processes that are crucial in determining people’s moral behaviour. This raises critical questions concerning what these processes are and how they develop, what ‘agency’ or ‘control’ over moral behaviour entails, and in what way we should think of holding people responsible for behaviour determined by such processes.
Dr Elinor Mason (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Daniel Kelly (Purdue University) will teach a two-day seminar in which various views on automaticity and moral responsibility will be addressed. Both instructors are experts on the topic, Dr Kelly with more experience with moral psychology, and Dr Mason with ethics. The days will include lectures along with ample room for discussion.
The material covered in the PhD course will offer participants both an introduction to the contemporary debate on automaticity and responsibility, as well as discuss the latest research on the topic, including the most recent work-in-progress by the course instructors themselves, providing a unique insight into the developments at the forefront of the debate! Participants will receive a syllabus shortly after the application deadline.
Time and place:
Sunday Sept 17th: 10:00 – 17:00h, Georg Morgenstierneshus, room 652.
Monday Sept 18th: 09:00 – 16:00h, Georg Morgenstierneshus, room 652.
·      The seminar is aimed at philosophy PhD students, but PhDs from other disciplines and more advanced career researchers are welcomed too.
·      The seminar provides 5 ECTs, by completing preparatory reading, participating during the two days, and submitting a subsequent paper assignment (4000w).
·      The seminar is free of costs, and lunches will be provided. Transportation, accommodation, and other meals have to be arranged and financed by the participants themselves.
·      Apply by sending a CV and short motivation to The application deadline is August 20th 2017. (When you are not yet entirely certain if you can attend, you can send a message to indicate interest).
·      The event page can be found here.
Sebastian Watzl (Associate professor philosophy/IFIKK, University of Oslo)
Jeroen Rijnders (PhD philosophy/IFIKK, University of Oslo)
For further information, contact Jeroen Rijnders:


Jeroen Rijnders and Sebastian Watzl
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