Davidson’s Derangement Revisited: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Davidson’s Derangement Revisited: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Thirty years have passed since Donald Davidson gave his paper, A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs. Davidson appears to throw into doubt the idea of a language as a well-defined phenomenon.  This workshop will reconsider Davidson’s claims and arguments in light of recent work in linguistics, psychology and philosophy.



9:30-10:00:  Coffee, Introductions    

10:00-11:00: Elisabeth Camp (Rutgers): "Metaphor: First Meaning and Speaker's Meaning."

11:15-12:15: Robyn Carston (University College, London): "Getting Away With It: Pragmatics and Passing Theories."

12:30-13:30: Lunch

13:30-14:30: Endre Begby (Simon Fraser University) and Bjørn Torgrim Ramberg (CSMN): "Deranging the Mental Lexicon."

14:45-15:45: Dorit Bar-On (University of North Carolina): "Sociality, Expression, and This Thing Called Language."

15:45-16:00: Coffee and refreshments        

16:00-17:00: Joshua Armstrong (University of California, Los Angeles): "Communication and Convention Revisited."


Abstracts (PDF)

A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs

Tags: Donald Davidson, Language, Semantics, Linguistics
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