Special Issue of the Journal of Value Inquiry edited by Christel Fricke

Christel Fricke recently edited a special issue of the Journal of Value Inquiry. The title of the special issue is "Nature, Culture, Gods, and Reason - Exploring Evaluative and Normative Constraints of Right Action in a Historical and Comparative Perspective."

Here is a description of the issue:

Human agency is always situated within a complex framework constituted by, among other things, evaluative and normative constraints that not only limit, but also enable, human agency. These constraints are embedded in a social context and they are subject to historical change and cultural variation. Any attempt at treating ethical and moral phenomena as ‘natural’ should be aware of this variation and of its historical contingency.

This volume brings together philosophically and historically minded non-philosophers specializing in different cultures, epochs and languages and philosophers specializing in the evaluative and normative constraints of human agency in general as well as in ethical thought and its history in particular: Christoph Harbsmeier, Michael Puett, Émilie Aussant, Hugo David, Paul Woodruff, Julia Annas, Øyvind Rabbås, Douglas L. Cairns, Maria Alejandra Carrasco, and Christel Fricke.

The papers collected in this volume reveal a common concern underlying people’s interest in raising questions about right action, namely the interest in making sense of their lives in general and of the way they organize their societies in particular. Furthermore, these studies reveal that, across cultural and temporal boundaries, people have relied on similar kinds of sources for specifying standards of right action and for providing them with motivational authority, the most prominent among them human nature, Gods, and reason.

Published Mar. 4, 2016 11:56 AM - Last modified Mar. 4, 2016 11:56 AM