Sebastian Watzl

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Besøksadresse Georg Morgenstiernes hus Blindernveien 31 0313 OSLO
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Research Statment

How is your mental life organized? How should it be organized? What role do you play in organizing it? What is it to have a perspective on the world? How does yours differ from mine? How do various aspects of mindedness (consciousness, agency, self-awareness, intentionality) hang together? My main approach to these and related questions has been a philosophical investigation of attention, pursued in close contact with empirical science.

Academic Interests

Philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychology and neuroscience, and metaphysics. Interests also in epistemology, philosophy of science, metaethics and philosophy of language.

Higher education and employment history

  • 2010-2012 Harvard University (Boston), Postdoctoral Fellow, Mind-Brain-Behavior (MBB) Interfaculty Initiative (Department of Philosophy)
  • 2005-2010 Columbia University (New York), PhD (Philosophy)
  • 2003-2005 New York University (New York), MA (Philosophy)
  • 1998-2003 Humboldt University (Berlin), MA (Biology)



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