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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Nilu Kamaluddin Kamaluddin, Nilu Researcher +4722858648 +4793282569 Modernitet, Ibsen, Drama
Picture of Toni Tapio Kannisto Kannisto, Toni Tapio Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22854729 Philosophy
Picture of Margarita Aslanova Kapstad Kapstad, Margarita Aslanova Lecturer +47-22854883 92832972
Picture of Heidi Karlsen Karlsen, Heidi Doctoral Research Fellow Digital Humanities, Reception Studies, Feministisk teori
Picture of Knut E. Karlsen (permisjon) Karlsen (permisjon), Knut E. +47 22 85 48 61 +47 908 77 487
Karlstad, Yngvar Higher Executive Officer +47 228 58685
Picture of Kristin Kausland Kausland, Kristin Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22841912 Conservation, Painting, Medieval art, Trade in pigments, gilding techniques
Picture of Tejaswinee Kelkar Kelkar, Tejaswinee Doctoral Research Fellow +47-45448254 +47-22854991 Music Technology, Music and Movement, Cultural Music
Picture of Egle Kesylyte-Alliks Kesylyte-Alliks, Egle Guest researcher +4722856901 Nationalism, Legitimacy, Political symbols, Baltic studies
Picture of Elizaveta Khachaturyan Khachaturyan, Elizaveta Associate Professor +47-22856534 Italian, Semantics, Contrastive Linguistics, Discourse AnalysisItalian, Semantics, Contrastive Linguistics, Discourse Analysis
Picture of Alla Kharina Kharina, Alla Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858388 Russian, Russian literature, Translation Studies, Translation
Kielland-Lund, Erik Emeritus
Picture of Helene Killmer Killmer, Helene Doctoral Research Fellow +47 939 54 136 Aphasia, Conversation Analysis, Psycholinguistics, Language impairment, Clinical Linguistics
Picture of Kari Kinn Kinn, Kari Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22857109
Picture of Deborah Lynn Kitchen-Døderlein Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn Associate Professor +47-22856952 90948254 Area Studies, North America, USA
Picture of Knut Kjeldstadli Kjeldstadli, Knut Professor +47-22858238 History
Picture of Kathrine Kjellmann Brachel Kjellmann Brachel, Kathrine Study advisor +47 228 55549 Student administration
Picture of Bjørghild Kjelsvik Kjelsvik, Bjørghild Oppgraderingsarbeid Bokmålsordboka / Nynorskordboka +47-22857016
Picture of Anniken Konstance Eid Kjeserud Kjeserud, Anniken Konstance Eid Adviser +47-22844765 +47-99707015 Communication, Web editor, Web publishing, Internal communication, Research communication
Picture of Karoline Kjesrud Kjesrud, Karoline +47-22854282 91829094 Symbols, Cult of Saints, Old Norse Philology, Old Norse Literature, Medieval Studies, Runes, Middle Ages
Picture of Yngvar Kjus Kjus, Yngvar Researcher +47-22858790 +47-92084733 Media and communication, Media innovation, Music and Media, Popular culture, Technologies and Media
Picture of Karina Kleiva Kleiva, Karina Head of Administration + 47 22 85 68 27 +47 97 10 64 89 Administrative management, Human resources administration, Financial Management
Picture of Elise Kleivane Kleivane, Elise + 47 22 85 71 15 (office) + 47 917 84 239 Scandinavian literature, Old Norse Philology, Runes, Epigraphy, Inscriptions, Viking Age, Book History, Translation Studies, Medieval History, Lingustic history
Picture of Christine Klem Klem, Christine Senior Adviser +47-22854474 Student and Academic Administration
Kleve, Knut Professor Emeritus +47-22856841 Classics
Klævik-Pettersen, Espen Johan Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22857744
Koch, Gertrud Margrethe Professor II
Picture of Kjersti Wictorsen Kola Kola, Kjersti Wictorsen Lecturer +47-22856095 97146791 +47-97146791 Norwegian Language, Sociolinguistics, Language Policy and Planning, Lexicography
Picture of Pål Kolstø Kolstø, Pål Professor +47-22856799 95186564 0047 95186564 Russia, Russian history, Identity politics, Nationalism, Church History
Picture of Ingeborg Kongslien Kongslien, Ingeborg Professor Emeritus +47-22855387
Koritzinsky, Alexandra H. Research Assistant CIMS
Picture of Timo Korkiakangas Korkiakangas, Timo Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22854780 Latin, historical linguistics, treebanks, Digital Humanities
Picture of Ariadni Kostomitsopoulou Marketou Kostomitsopoulou Marketou, Ariadni Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22841954 Pigments, Archaeometry, Conservation Science, Chemistry, Hellenistic Period, Roman Period, PhD candidate archaeology/conservation
Kraggerud, Egil Professor Emeritus +47-22856840 Classics
Picture of Mira  Kramarova Kramarova, Mira Senior Executive Officer 0047 22 85 42 90 Human resources administration
Picture of Emil Kraugerud Kraugerud, Emil Doctoral Research Fellow Popular Music, Music Production, Music Technology, Intimacy in Music
Picture of Ellen Krefting Krefting, Ellen Professor +47-22841064 history of ideas, intellectual history, early modern, enlightenment, nordic, periodicals, public sphere, freedom of speech, gender, historiography
Picture of Håkon Kristensen Kristensen, Håkon Higher Executive Officer +47-22856797
Picture of Turid Kristensen Kristensen, Turid Programme Officer +47-22854067 Admissions, Short-Term Study Abroad Programmes, Approvals, Supervision, Programme Administration, Quality Assurance in Study Programmes, PhD coordinator
Picture of Kristian Emil Kristoffersen Kristoffersen, Kristian Emil +47-22857634 90641995
Picture of Peter Kristoffersen Kristoffersen, Peter Higher Executive Officer
Krogh, Thomas Professor Emeritus +47-22857211 History of ideas
Picture of Otto Krogseth Krogseth, Otto Professor emeritus +47-22856855 History of Religions, Christianity, Ethics
Picture of Kristoffer Kruken Kruken, Kristoffer Professor +47-22854798
Picture of Arne Krumsvik Krumsvik, Arne Head of Department +47-22850405 +47-91586575
Picture of Steffen Krüger Krüger, Steffen Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22850442 digital culture, media and communication, psychosocial studies, Social media, Media aesthetics, Political communication
Picture of Karin Kukkonen Kukkonen, Karin Associate Professor +47-22854872 Comparative Literature, Narratology, Eighteenth-Century Studies, Comics and Graphic Novels, Cognitive Poetics
Picture of Tereza Kuldova Kuldova, Tereza Researcher +47-22859375 +4746243793 India, Material culture, Social anthropology, Hierarchy, Fashion, Craft, Social change, Commodification, Value, Aesthetic economy, Gangs, Organized crime, Business anthropology, Anthropology of law, Intellectual Property Rights, Counterfeiting, White Collar Crime
Kulsrud, Nina Senior executive officer +47 22 85 49 75 Administration
Picture of Ragnhild Kuløy Kuløy, Ragnhild Senior Executive Officer 228 56060