Persons tagged with «Aesthetics»

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Picture of Ina Blom Blom, Ina Professor +47-22855366 Art History, Modernism, Media Archaeology, 20th Century, Technologies and Media, Media Aesthetics, Aesthetics, Avant-garde studies, Memory Studies, Art
Picture of Ingrid Halland Halland, Ingrid Doctoral Research Fellow Art History, Ontologi, art historical methodology, Museums and Museology, Aesthetics, Art theory, Design og arkitektur
Picture of Bente Larsen Larsen, Bente Professor +47-22856734 aesthetics, art theory, modernisme/postmodernisme, visual art from 1800
Picture of Nikita  Mathias Mathias, Nikita PhD candidate with external funding; nikita.mathias Art History, Media History, Landscape painting, Cinema and Film Studies, Immersion, Aesthetics
Picture of Nanette Nielsen Nielsen, Nanette Associate Professor +47-22854142 Music and Philosophy, Music and Ethics, Film Music, Music and Society, Music and Media, Aesthetics, Opera, Musicology
Picture of Knut Stene-Johansen Stene-Johansen, Knut Professor +47-22854163 +47-91361720 Literature, Aesthetics, Art Theory, Medical Humanities, Postcolonialism, Gastronomy, 18th Century Studies, psychoanalysis
Picture of Ingvild Torsen Torsen, Ingvild Associate Professor +47-22857850 Phenomenology, Aesthetics, Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Heidegger)
Picture of Timotheus Vermeulen Vermeulen, Timotheus Associate Professor film studies, metamodernism, cultural theory, Timotheus Vermeulen, television studies, aesthetics, contemporary art
Picture of Aron Vinegar Vinegar, Aron Professor +47-22857178 924 40 014 Art History, Aesthetics
Picture of Pasi Väliaho Väliaho, Pasi Professor +47-22845503 Art History, Media Archaeology, Aesthetics
Picture of Solveig Aasen Aasen, Solveig Associate Professor +47-22855726 +4790084465 Philosophy, Philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, Aesthetics, Metaphysics