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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ellen Rees Rees, Ellen Vice Dean for Research and Research Training +47-22858677 +47-98830354 Scandinavian literature, Ibsen studies, Film, Literature
Picture of Helga Reiss Reiss, Helga Section Manager +47-22858310 +47-97040008 Human resources administration
Picture of Steffen Remvik Remvik, Steffen Higher Executive Officer +47-22854278
Picture of Mihaela Saigau Saigau, Mihaela Higher Executive Officer +47-22854408 Finance, Budget
Picture of H. Javid Samadi Samadi, H. Javid Senior Executive Officer 22856383 Basware, Purchase Management, Invoice
Picture of Gro S. Samdal Samdal, Gro S. Adviser +47-22856937 Finance, Budget
Picture of Elisabeth Brinch Sand Sand, Elisabeth Brinch Senior Adviser +47-22844862 Communication
Picture of Ragnhild Schea Schea, Ragnhild Senior Executive Officer +47-22844507
Picture of Kaja Schiøtz Schiøtz, Kaja Senior Adviser +47-228 58311 Recognition, Exchange, International cooperation, Mobility
Picture of Frank Paul Silye Silye, Frank Paul Senior Engineer +47-22857254 +47-41457931 IT services
Picture of Bjarne Skov Skov, Bjarne Senior Adviser +47-22 85 85 81 +47-901 82 976 International cooperation, Student and Academic Administration, Exchange, Mobility, Parat, International coordinator, Trade Union
Sletner, Hilde Kristine Adviser +47-22854702 Human resources administration
Picture of Gro Enerstvedt Smenes Smenes, Gro Enerstvedt Head of Section +47-228 56771 +47-930 32 373 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Torill Stave Stave, Torill Head of Subsection for Examinations +47-228 44467 Examination, digital examination, Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Anne Serikstad Stovner Stovner, Anne Serikstad Senior Executive Officer +47-22855934 Research communication, Communication, Web publishing
Picture of Anders Tangen Tangen, Anders Head Engineer +47-91611879
Picture of Arve T. Thorsen Thorsen, Arve T. Adviser +47-22856069 97116069 External Funding, Research Administration
Thorstad, Signe Ingjerd Adviser +47-22844466 Examination, Degrees, Study administration
Trandheim, Åse T. Records Manager +47 22 85 63 65 +47 47 67 31 85 Archives
Tøllefsen, Julie Bårdsen Higher Executive Officer +47-22854033 Human resources administration
Picture of Inger-Johanne Ullern Ullern, Inger-Johanne Senior adviser +4722856335 +4741570593 Statistics, Annual plan, Analysis, Regulations, Annual report
Vatsend, Kyrre Adviser +47-228 55980 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Kjersti Drøsdal Vikøren Vikøren, Kjersti Drøsdal Senior Adviser +47-22854019 Project management, Web editor, Communication, Strategic communication, Research communication
Picture of Eirik Welo Welo, Eirik Vice Dean for Studies +47-22 85 67 65
Picture of Klaus Wik Wik, Klaus Head engineer +47-22858268 IT-tjenester, Brukerstøtte