Administrative staff at the departments - Page 4

Persons 76 - 100 of 115
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Nina Maria Rud Rud, Nina Maria Website editor +47 22 85 62 52 History
Picture of Julianne Rustad Rustad, Julianne Senior Executive Officer (leave of absence) +47-22841935 Research school, PhD coordinator, Archaeology
Rye, Lina Hildershavn Research Assistant Airborne, Project assistance
Picture of Magne Olav Rønningen Rønningen, Magne Olav Administrative Manager +47-22857366
Picture of Zhanna Saidenova Saidenova, Zhanna Senior Adviser +47-22857890 Research support, External funding, PhD, Cristin, The Research Council of Norway
Picture of Sarah Salameh Salameh, Sarah Higher Executive Officer +47-22856931 Service funtions, Mail and postage, Reception, Purchasing, Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Steinar Salte Salte, Steinar Higher Executive Officer 22844506 Web publishing, Human resources administrastion, Infrastructure, Purchasing
Picture of Kristin Lømo Sandberg Sandberg, Kristin Lømo Executive Officer +47-22850402 Reception, Invoices, Voucher, Mail and postage, Purchasing
Picture of Siri Sande Sande, Siri Professore +39 06 5839 1011
Picture of Ragnhild Schea Schea, Ragnhild Senior Executive Officer +47-22844507
Picture of Harald Schmedling Schmedling, Harald Senior Adviser 22 84 19 22 480 06 457 Personaladministrasjon, sekretæroppgaver for instituttstyret, koordinerer administrasjonen i Blindernveien 11, administrer e-postlister
Picture of Kirsti Sellevold Sellevold, Kirsti Adviser +47-22845693
Picture of Caroline Strutz Skei Skei, Caroline Strutz Senior Executive Officer +47-22845073 Administration, Appointments, Management support, Case filing
Picture of Hanne Skramstad Skramstad, Hanne Head of academics 228 55924
Picture of Ida Sletta Sletta, Ida Student advisor for Middle East Studies +47-22858382
Picture of Tarjei Solberg Solberg, Tarjei Senior Executive Officer +47-22858551
Picture of Hanne Katinka Solhaug Solhaug, Hanne Katinka Adviser +47-22844734 Administration
Picture of Sathya Sritharan Sritharan, Sathya Economy officer 228 54921
Picture of Morten Hvaal  Stenberg Stenberg, Morten Hvaal Higher Executive Officer 228 56086 Student administration, NOR, RETKOM
Picture of Ingar Stene Stene, Ingar Higher Executive Officer +47-22856294
Picture of Alf Storrud Storrud, Alf Higher Executive Officer +47-22857937 98048803
Sydhagen, Petter Bogen Higher Executive Officer +47-22856803
Søndergaard, Pia Adviser +47-22855614 Student and Academic Administration, Internationalization of studies and teaching staff exchange, PhD coordinator
Picture of Linn Anette Thorsen Thorsen, Linn Anette Student Advisor Art History and Visual Studies Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance, Art History, Courses, Quality of education
Picture of Ellen Hellebostad Toft Toft, Ellen Hellebostad Higher Executive Officer +47-22854379