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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of May Maria Tollerud Tollerud, May Maria Administrative Head of Studies +47-22 85 49 05 +47-45 50 30 50
Picture of Lina Tosterud Tosterud, Lina Higher Executive Officer +47-22844439 Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature (CSMN), Purchaser, Events, Research support
Picture of Hans Christoffer Tyldum Tyldum, Hans Christoffer Adviser +47-22844736
Picture of Carina Bjerk Tørud Tørud, Carina Bjerk Higher Executive Officer +47-22856703
Picture of Maria Tårland Tårland, Maria Higher Executive Officer +47-22850418 Exchange, Admissions, Special needs, Quality of education, Study administration
Picture of Gunnhild Ulfsrud Ulfsrud, Gunnhild Seniorkonsulent (+47) 22 85 68 18
Picture of Jan Halvor Undlien Undlien, Jan Halvor Head of Office +47-22856747 +47-99425905
Picture of Mons Andreas Finne Vedøy Vedøy, Mons Andreas Finne Administrative Head of Studies +47-22844735
Picture of Kristin Marie Veum Veum, Kristin Marie Higher Executive Officer +47-22856898
Picture of Anne Siri Wathne Wathne, Anne Siri Higher Executive Officer +47-22858553
Picture of Tore Fjetland Øgaard Øgaard, Tore Fjetland Programme coordinator +47 228 56089 Student and academic administration, Admission, Student guidance, Programme descriptions, Leave of absence, Part-time, Academic/social funds
Picture of Tor Ivar Østmoe Østmoe, Tor Ivar Higher Executive Officer +47-22855524
Picture of Siri Marie Aamodt Aamodt, Siri Marie Higher Executive Officer +47-22856877
Picture of Torhild Aas Aas, Torhild Research Assistant 48274408 English literature, 1800-tallet
Aasheim, Janna Kristine Higher Executive Officer +47-22841900