Organisation at IMV

The Department of Musicology offers joint organized research training in cooperation with the Norwegian Academy of Music. All arrangements are open to PhD Candidates from both institutions.

Educational component

Thesis seminar

Thesis seminars are a key part of the education offered at the research institution. In this forum, all candidates must be able to present and receive feedback on long and short thesis texts throughout the course of study. It is important that we bring our PhD Candidates into contact with the international research community and expose them to the demands entailed therein. We therefore invite leading international researchers to seminars to give their comments as often as possible.

Research forum

The Norwegian Academy of Music organizes a meeting every semester for all PhD Candidates.

This is the forum where PhD Candidates meet and present their projects, followed by oppositions and comments from fellow candidates and senior researchers, and trial public defences.

The research institution considers this to be the concluding thesis seminar for the semester.

All of the Department of Musicology’s PhD Candidates are strongly encouraged to sign up by sending an e-mail to Solveig Christensen at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

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Candidates must draw up a plan for the educational component together with their supervisor at the start of the programme.

Planned participation in external courses and seminars must be registered with the PhD coordinator for prior approval.

Candidates are responsible for the safekeeping of all documentation of courses etc. for the final, overall approval of the educational component.

Supervisor forum

We take the challenge of supervising PhD candidates seriously and have therefore established a Supervisor Forum as the third component of our programme.

The aim of this forum is to strengthen the supervision for all parties by inviting all active supervisors at PhD level to a half-day seminar each semester.

The forum serves as an arena for exchanging experiences and developing expertise. To this end, we invite speakers with an insight into and experience of various aspects of supervision at PhD level. All supervisors are strongly encouraged to attend.

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