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Research topic: Medieval Studies

Medieval studies is an interdisciplinary field of research dedicated to the history, cultures, languages, literatures, thought, faith, and art of the Middle Ages.

Medieval Studies at the Faculty of Humanities

Medieval studies are conducted in the majority of academic departments at the Faculty of Humanities:

Medievalists at the Faculty of Humanities are not organised formally, but they regularly meet and collaborate in various academic tasks across departmental borders, especially in two fields:

  • Scandinavian Middle Ages, the field that has been established through joint research initiatives of relevant faculty members at IAKH, ILN, and IFIKK, who are particularly interested in Scandinavian elites and various forms of their expression.
  • Late Antique and Early Medieval Culture, the field that has been established through collaboration of researchers at IAKH and IFIKK, who are particularly interested in mentalities and material and visual aspects of late antique and early medieval culture. They co-organize regular seminar series on relevant topics and collaborate in other joint initiatives.

Study programmes