What can Student-IT help you with?

Student-IT can answer your questions regarding the IT-services at the University of Oslo. Such as:

  • Username and password
  • E-mail
  • Fronter
  • Wireless internet
  • Software
  • Word documents
  • ... and more

Student-IT is also responsible for maintenance of the PC-labs at Faculty of Humanities.

For IT assistance see our contact information.


Student IT maintains the PC-labs that are available for students at Faculty of Humanities. See the available PC-labs in the column to the right of this page.

Some PC-labs are only available for master students. You may ask the student counsellor at your institute for access.


Helpdesk: 1. floor P.A. Munchs building. See map

Opening hours
Mon - Fri 1100-1500

Phone: (+47) 22 85 74 25


Outside opening hours you may contact Houston.


For everyone:
Henrik Wergeland (HW), 1. floor

Bachelor students:
Forskningsparken (FP2), 2. floor (IMK)

For master students:
Blindernveien 11, 1. floor (IAKH)
Forskningsparken (FP2), 4. floor (IMK)
Georg Morgenstierne (GM), 1. floor (IFIKK)
Henrik Wergeland (HW), 1. floor (ILN)
Niels Treschow (NT), 3. floor (IAKH)
Niels Treschow (NT), 8. floor (ILOS)
Niels Treschow (NT), 10. floor (ILOS)
P. A. Munch (PAM), 3. floor (IKOS)
ZEB-bygningen (ZEB), 1. floor (IMV)