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Picture of Julie Lund Lund, Julie Associate Professor +47-22841941 Archaeology, Viking Age
Picture of Henrik Olav Mathiesen Mathiesen, Henrik Olav PhD Candidate +47-22854987
Picture of Daniel Maul Maul, Daniel Associate Professor +47-22857021
Picture of John McNicol McNicol, John Lecturer 0047 22841944 History, Medieval History, Medieval Studies, Viking Age History, History on Film
Picture of Douwtje L van der Meulen Meulen, Douwtje L van der Conservator +47-22859337 Conservation
Picture of Marianne Moen Moen, Marianne PhD Candidate +47-22850360 PhD candidate archaeology
Picture of Jan Eivind Myhre Myhre, Jan Eivind Professor +47-22854467 48423304 History
Mørk, Hulda Kjeang Student Adviser
Naderer, Max PhD Candidate
Picture of Klaus Nathaus Nathaus, Klaus Associate Professor +47 228 56874 (office)
Picture of Elise Naumann Naumann, Elise Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22841958 +47-22841900 Archaeology, Isotope Analyses
Picture of Helene Neumann Neumann, Helene Senior Executive Officer +47-22841956
Picture of Ada Elisabeth Nissen Nissen, Ada Elisabeth Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22857270 History
Picture of Olav Njølstad Njølstad, Olav Professor II +47-22854415 97675260 History
Picture of Hallvard Notaker Notaker, Hallvard Associate Professor +47-22857675 +47-40452101 History
Picture of Hilde Andrea Nysether Nysether, Hilde Andrea PhD Candidate +47-22857767
Picture of Hans Jacob Orning Orning, Hans Jacob Professor +47-22841930 History
Picture of Beate Albrigtsen Pedersen Pedersen, Beate Albrigtsen PhD Candidate +47-22858176 95108841
Picture of Unn Pedersen Pedersen, Unn Associate Professor +47-22841999 Archaeology, Viking Age, Medieval Studies, Material culture, Craft
Picture of Helge Øystein Pharo Pharo, Helge Øystein +47-22856874 History
Picture of Veronique Pouillard Pouillard, Veronique Associate Professor +47-22857204 History, Economic History, Business History, women's history, Fashion History, Media history.
Picture of Pamela Gwynne Price Price, Pamela Gwynne Professor Emeritus +47-22856877 97022241 History
Picture of Kim Christian Priemel Priemel, Kim Christian Associate Professor +47-22857213 Contemporary History, Legal History, Social and Economic History, Holocaust Studies, International Histoy, Theory and method
Picture of Katrine Randin Randin, Katrine Administrative Head of Department +47 22856769 +47 92694995 Human resources administration, Finance, Budget
Picture of Kristin Ranestad Ranestad, Kristin Postdoctoral Fellow History, Economic History, Industrihistorie, Global history
Picture of Øystein  Rian Rian, Øystein Professor emeritus - history History
Rossinow, Douglas Associate Professor +47-22844491
Picture of Nina Maria Rud Rud, Nina Maria Website editor +47 22 85 62 52 History
Picture of Julianne Rustad Rustad, Julianne Senior Executive Officer +47-22841935 Research school, PhD coordinator, Archaeology
Picture of Ole-Albert Rønning Rønning, Ole-Albert PhD Candidate +4741047025 History, The Middle Ages, Medieval History, Medieval Studies, Cultural history, Political culture, Legal history, Scandinavia
Picture of Magne Olav Rønningen Rønningen, Magne Olav Administrative Manager +47-22857366
Picture of Erling Sverdrup Sandmo Sandmo, Erling Sverdrup Professor +47-22858495 History
Picture of Hilde Sandvik Sandvik, Hilde Professor +47-22855741 History
Picture of Harald Schmedling Schmedling, Harald Senior Adviser 22 84 19 22 480 06 457 Personaladministrasjon, sekretæroppgaver for instituttstyret, koordinerer administrasjonen i Blindernveien 11, administrer e-postlister
Picture of Anne-Lise Seip Seip, Anne-Lise Professor Emeritus +47-22856878 Archaeology
Picture of Jon Vidar Sigurdsson Sigurdsson, Jon Vidar Professor +47-22841955 +47-22841900 97149914 History, Viking Age, Vikings, Medieval Studies, Medieval History, Social History, Cultural history, Church History, Christianity, Iceland, Norway, Scandinavia, Political culture
Picture of Jarle Simensen Simensen, Jarle Professor Emeritus History
Skaug, Erling Professor Emeritus
Slarke, Duncan Head Engineer +47-46379700 +47-47478667 Conservation
Picture of Tarjei Solberg Solberg, Tarjei Higher Executive Officer +47-22858551
Picture of Hanne Katinka Solhaug Solhaug, Hanne Katinka Head of Office +47-22844734 45490880
Picture of Kaja Hannedatter Sontum Sontum, Kaja Hannedatter PhD Candidate +47-22841910 Archaeology, Identity politics, Heritage, Contemporary archaeology, PhD candidate archaeology
Picture of Sita Steckel Steckel, Sita Associate professor II - History Middelalder
Picture of Ingar Stene Stene, Ingar Higher Executive Officer +47-22856294
Picture of Alf Storrud Storrud, Alf Higher Executive Officer +47-22857937 98048803
Picture of Odd Arvid Storsveen Storsveen, Odd Arvid Professor +47-22858183 97733392 History
Picture of Noëlle Lynn Wenger Streeton Streeton, Noëlle Lynn Wenger Associate Professor +47-22859323 Conservation, Painting, Art Technology, Material Culture, Theory, Middle Ages, Scandinavia, Social History, Church History
Picture of Øystein Sørensen Sørensen, Øystein Professor +47-22856915 48152920 History
Picture of Eivind Thomassen Thomassen, Eivind PhD Candidate
Picture of Kåre Tønnesson Tønnesson, Kåre History