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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Hallvard Notaker Notaker, Hallvard Associate Professor +47-22857675 +47-40452101 History
Picture of Astrid Johanne Nyland Nyland, Astrid Johanne PhD Candidate +47-22841946 Archeology, Stone Age
Picture of Hans Jacob Orning Orning, Hans Jacob Professor +47-22841930 History
Picture of Morten Nordhagen Ottosen Ottosen, Morten Nordhagen Senior Lecturer +47-22854220 History
Picture of Beate Albrigtsen Pedersen Pedersen, Beate Albrigtsen PhD Candidate +47-22858176
Picture of Unn Pedersen Pedersen, Unn Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22841999 + 47 99518022 Archaeology, Viking Age, Medieval Studies, Material culture, Craft
Picture of Helge Pharo Pharo, Helge Professor +47-22856874 History
Picture of Veronique Pouillard Pouillard, Veronique Associate Professor +47-22857204
Picture of Christopher Prescott Prescott, Christopher Professor +47-22841908 +47-91578914 Archaeology
Picture of Pamela Gwynne Price Price, Pamela Gwynne Professor +47-22856877 History
Picture of Katrine Randin Randin, Katrine Head of Office +47-22856769
Picture of Øystein Rian Rian, Øystein Professor Emeritus +47-22854940 History
Picture of Nina Maria Rud Rud, Nina Maria Senior Executive Officer +47-22856252
Picture of Julianne Rustad Rustad, Julianne Higher Executive Officer +47-22858551
Picture of Magne Olav Rønningen Rønningen, Magne Olav Administrative Manager +47-22857366
Picture of Erling Sverdrup Sandmo Sandmo, Erling Sverdrup Professor +47-22858495 History
Picture of Hilde Sandvik Sandvik, Hilde Professor +47-22855741 History
Picture of Harald Schmedling Schmedling, Harald Senior Adviser +47-22841922 +47-48006457
Picture of Anne Lise  Seip Seip, Anne Lise Archaeology
Picture of Jon Vidar Sigurdsson Sigurdsson, Jon Vidar Professor +47-22841955 +47-22841900 History, Viking Age, Vikings, Medieval Studies, Medieval History, Social History, Cultural history, Church History, Christianity, Iceland, Norway, Scandinavia, Political culture
Picture of Jarle Simensen Simensen, Jarle Professor Emeritus History
Picture of Andreas Snildal Snildal, Andreas PhD Candidate +47-22857828 History
Picture of Sølvi Sogner Sogner, Sølvi Professor +47-22856769 History
Picture of Sigrid  Staurset Staurset, Sigrid PhD Candidate +47 22841919 +47 97989154 Archaeology, Africa, Stone Age
Picture of Alf Storrud Storrud, Alf Higher Executive Officer +47-22857937
Picture of Odd Arvid Storsveen Storsveen, Odd Arvid Professor +47-22858183 History
Picture of Noëlle Lynn Wenger Streeton Streeton, Noëlle Lynn Wenger Associate Professor +47-22859323 Conservation, Painting, Material Culture, Middle Ages
Picture of Øystein Sørensen Sørensen, Øystein Professor +47-22856915 History
Picture of Ola Teige Teige, Ola Postdoctoral fellow +47- 22857021 History, Corruption, Network analysis
Picture of Fredrik W Thue Thue, Fredrik W Professor +47-22856150 History
Picture of Kåre Tønnesson Tønnesson, Kåre History
Picture of Margaretha Adriana van Es van Es, Margaretha Adriana PhD Candidate +47-22857875 History
Picture of Vibeke Maria Viestad Viestad, Vibeke Maria PhD Candidate +47-22841945 Archaeology
Picture of Hanne Hagtvedt Vik Vik, Hanne Hagtvedt Associate Professor +47-22841953 History
Picture of Øystein Lydik Idsø Viken Viken, Øystein Lydik Idsø Senior Adviser +47-22856813 +47-41851200 History, Church History
Picture of Anne Siri Wathne Wathne, Anne Siri Higher Executive Officer +47-22841905
Picture of Elisabetta Cassina Wolff Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina Associate Professor +47-22858251 +47-48188068 History, Italian History, Italy, Fascism, Neo-fascism, Right Extremism
Picture of Romy  Wyche Wyche, Romy Researcher (47)22841935 Archaeology, History, Medieval Studies
Picture of Hilde Henriksen Waage Waage, Hilde Henriksen Professor +47-22857238 History
Picture of Johanna Zanon Zanon, Johanna PhD Candidate +47-22859312 History, Fashion History, Business History, History of Photography, History of Decorative Arts
Picture of Knut Ødegård Ødegård, Knut Associate Professor +47-22841948 History
Aamodt, Siri Marie Higher Executive Officer +47-22841902
Picture of Lars Reinholt Aas Aas, Lars Reinholt PhD Candidate +47-22841949 Archaeology