Persons tagged with «History»

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Picture of Toufoul Abou-Hodeib Abou-Hodeib, Toufoul Associate Professor +47-22857088 History, Modern History, The Middle East, Material Culture
Picture of Arne Hveem Alsvik Alsvik, Arne Hveem PhD Candidate History
Picture of Kåre A Andersen Andersen, Kåre A Assistant Professor +47-22844085 History
Picture of Ole Jørgen Benedictow Benedictow, Ole Jørgen Professor Emeritus History
Picture of Kristine Bruland Bruland, Kristine Professor +47-22857942 +47-91713939 History
Collett, John Peter Professor +47-22857455 History
Picture of Robert Marc Friedman Friedman, Robert Marc Professor +47-22854205 History
Picture of Finn Fuglestad Fuglestad, Finn History
Picture of Tor Egil Førland Førland, Tor Egil Head of Department +47-22854893 +47-93424686 History
Picture of Ole Kristian Grimnes Grimnes, Ole Kristian Professor Emeritus History
Picture of Gro Hagemann Hagemann, Gro Professor Emeritus +47-22844491 History
Picture of Marte Heian-Engdal Heian-Engdal, Marte Associate Professor +47-22856269 (+47) 90529997 History
Picture of Finn Erhard Johannessen Johannessen, Finn Erhard Professor +47-22856853 History
Picture of Knut Kjeldstadli Kjeldstadli, Knut Professor +47-22858238 History
Picture of Anders Granås Kjøstvedt Kjøstvedt, Anders Granås Senior Lecturer +47-22857213 History
Picture of Even Lange Lange, Even Professor +47-22856176 +47-95077051 History
Picture of Einar Lie Lie, Einar Professor +47-22857562 History, Contemporary History, Economic History, Planning and policymaking
Picture of Einhart  Lorenz Lorenz, Einhart Professor Emeritus 22857206 History
Picture of Ingrid Lundestad Lundestad, Ingrid Associate Professor +47-22854987 History, International History, Contemporary History, USA, Foreign Policy
Picture of John McNicol McNicol, John Assistant professor 0047 22841944 History, Medieval History, Medieval Studies, Viking Age History, History on Film
Picture of Jan Eivind Myhre Myhre, Jan Eivind Professor +47-22854467 History
Picture of Olav Njølstad Njølstad, Olav Professor II +47-22854415 History
Picture of Hallvard Notaker Notaker, Hallvard Associate Professor +47-22857675 +47-40452101 History
Picture of Hans Jacob Orning Orning, Hans Jacob Professor +47-22841930 History
Picture of Helge Pharo Pharo, Helge Professor +47-22856874 History