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Persons tagged with «History»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Toufoul Abou-Hodeib Abou-Hodeib, Toufoul Associate Professor +47-22857088 History, Modern History, The Middle East, Material Culture
Picture of Arne Hveem Alsvik Alsvik, Arne Hveem PhD Candidate History
Picture of Kåre A Andersen Andersen, Kåre A Assistant Professor +47-22844085 History
Picture of Martin  Austnes Austnes, Martin PhD Candidate History
Picture of Vibeke Kieding Banik Banik, Vibeke Kieding Senior Lecturer +47-22857842 +47-99029931 History
Picture of Ole Jørgen Benedictow Benedictow, Ole Jørgen Professor Emeritus History
Picture of Kristine Bruland Bruland, Kristine Professor +47-22857942 +47-91713939 History
Collett, John Peter Professor +47-22857455 History
Picture of Margaretha Adriana van Es Es , Margaretha Adriana van PhD Candidate +47 22857875 History
Picture of Mona Christine Fixdal Fixdal , Mona Christine Researcher +47-22854164 History
Picture of Robert Marc Friedman Friedman, Robert Marc Professor +47-22854205 History
Picture of Finn Fuglestad Fuglestad, Finn History
Picture of Tor Egil Førland Førland, Tor Egil Head of Department +47-22854893 +47-93424686 History
Picture of Anders Granås Kjøstvedt Granås Kjøstvedt, Anders Senior lecturer +47 22 85 72 13 History
Picture of Ole Kristian Grimnes Grimnes, Ole Kristian Professor Emeritus History
Picture of Gro Hagemann Hagemann, Gro Professor Emeritus +47-22844491 History
Picture of Marte Heian-Engdal Heian-Engdal, Marte Associate Professor +47-22856269 (+47) 90529997 History
Hellenes, Andreas Mørkved History
Picture of Finn Erhard Johannessen Johannessen, Finn Erhard Professor +47-22856853 History
Picture of Knut Kjeldstadli Kjeldstadli, Knut Professor +47-22858238 History
Picture of Even Lange Lange, Even Professor +47-22856176 +47-95077051 History
Picture of Einar Lie Lie, Einar Professor +47-22857562 History, Contemporary History, Economic History, Planning and policymaking
Picture of Einhart  Lorenz Lorenz, Einhart Professor Emeritus 22857206 History
Picture of Ingrid Lundestad Lundestad, Ingrid Associate Professor +47-22854987 History, International History, Contemporary History, USA, Foreign Policy
Picture of John McNicol McNicol, John Assistant professor 0047 22841944 History, Medieval History, Medieval Studies, Viking Age History, History on Film