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Academic Interests

  • Minority and migration history, Central and Northern Europe.
  • Jewish history.
  • Intellectual history in Norway in the 19th century.

Higher education and employment history

  • Mphil. in history, University of Oslo, 2009.
  • Studentship at The Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities, Oslo, 2009.
  • Research Assistant, Forum for University History, University of Oslo, 2009-2011.
  • Phd-fellow, Dept. of archaeology, conservation and history, 2011-
  • Phd in history, University of Oslo, 2014.

Doctoral project: An Anti-Semitic Slaughter Law? The Origins of the Norwegian Prohibition on Religious Slaughter

My doctoral project aims to investigate the debate concerning the practice of religious slaughter among Jews in Norway, and it will ultimately try to explain why this practice was forbidden by law in Norway from January 1st 1930, whereas similar debates in most other European countries never resulted in a prohibition of religious slaughter.

The debate started in the late 1890s, but did not become a public matter before the Jews of Kristiania was forced by the city authorities to discontinue the practice of kosher butchering within the city borders in 1913. From that moment and until the law prohibiting the practice on a national level was adopted by the Norwegian parliament on the 12th of June 1929, the debate made the headlines on several occasions in Norwegian newspapers in the interwar years. Hundreds of articles, letters and editorials discussed the case which was known as the "Schächtning-affair". The issue got especially much attention from the nationalist right-wing of the Agrarian movement, and the Jewish slaughter practice became subject to a massive campaign from the Agrarian movement press and from Agrarian party members of parliament. In its final phase during the 1920s, many of the critics were also heavily influenced by anti-Semitic rhetoric, and much of the campaign against the practice was motivated by anti-Jewish sentiments.

Tags: History


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