Rebecca Cannell

Postdoctoral Fellow - Archaeology
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Visiting address Blindernveien 11 None 0371 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1008 Blindern 0316 OSLO
Other affiliations Museum of Cultural History

Academic interests

My background is in applied science in archaeology, especially methods of soil analysis. As a geoarchaeologist, I am interested in archaeological landscape formation, changes and interpretation using all sources, be it detailed micro-analysis or social and theoretical perspectives of past and present habitation. Through the past in the past project, I aim to combine these sources and perspectives, with a focus on later Iron Age burial in Southern Scandinavia.

Courses taught

  • ARK 4070


I completed my Ph.D in Bournemouth University, where I researched the application of coring, geochemistry via pXRF and geophysics to improve our understanding of the use of space in later Iron Age settlement in Southern Norway. This included a focus on early Viking Age trading sites and non-ferrous metal working. Previously I have worked in research and commercial archaeology in the U.K and Norway.

MSc Archaeological Sciences, University of Bradford.

BSc Archaeology, University of York.


Tags: Iron Age, Geoarchaeology


  • Gustavsen, Lars; Cannell, Rebecca; Kristiansen, Monica & Nau, Erich (2017). Geophysical and Geochemical Definition of a Rural Medieval Churchyard at Furulund, Hedmark, Norway, In Benjamin Jennings; Christopher Gaffney; Thomas Sparrow & Sue Gaffney (ed.),  12th International Conference of Archaeological Prospection.  Archaeopress.  ISBN 978 1 78491 677 0.  -.  s 95 - 97
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  • Macphail, Richard; Linderholm, Johan; Bill, Jan; Cannell, Rebecca & Rødsrud, Christian Løchsen (2013). Integrated microstratigraphic investigations of coastal archaeological soils and sediments in Norway: The Gokstad ship burial mound and its environs including the Viking harbour settlement of Heimdaljordet, Vestfold. Quaternary International.  ISSN 1040-6182.  315, s 131- 146 . doi: 10.1016/j.quaint.2013.05.051
  • Cannell, Rebecca (2012). On the definition and practice of Geoarchaeology. Primitive tider.  ISSN 1501-0430.  14, s 31- 45

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  • Cannell, Rebecca (2016). The Alluvial Sequences in Gudbrandsdalen. Portal forlag.  ISBN 978-82-8314-101-6.  332 s.
  • Cannell, Rebecca; Nesje, Atle & Gundersen, Ingar Mørkestøl (2016). Flommer og flomskred i Gudbrandsdalen i et værmessig og klimatisk perspektiv. Portal forlag.  ISBN 978-82-8314-101-6.  332 s.
  • Cannell, Rebecca (2013). The application of multi-elemental analysis at Hørdalen (site 51): an evaluation of methods and results. Vigmostad & Bjørke.  ISBN 9788245014174.  211 s.
  • Cannell, Rebecca & Schneidhofer, Petra (2013). Large scale, high resolution archaeological geophysical prospection: A source for palaeoenvironmental data.. Austrian Acad. of Sciences Press / Ludwig Boltzmann Institute.  ISBN 9783700174592.  459 s.

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  • Cannell, Rebecca (2017). Prospecting the Physicochemical Past. Three dimensional geochemical investigation into the use of space in Viking Age sites in southern Norway using portable XRF.
  • Cannell, Rebecca; Gustavsen, Lars; Kristiansen, Monica & Nau, Erich (2017). Geophysical and Geochemical Definition of a Rural Medieval Churchyard at Furulund, Hedmark, Norway.
  • Cannell, Rebecca; Welham, Kate; Cheetham, Paul & Pitman, Derek (2016). The Portable XRF revolution: Elemental Analysis for all? Session at Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology Conference, Oslo, 2016.
  • Cannell, Rebecca (2015). Core Chemistry: Integrating Geophysical, Geochemical and Artifact Evidence to Understand the Use of Space in a Viking Age Trading Settlement..
  • Cannell, Rebecca; Cheetham, Paul; Bill, Jan & Welham, Kate (2015). The Gokstad Viking Age Trading Site: A voyage of physicochemical prospection.
  • Cannell, Rebecca; Cheetham, Paul; Welham, Kate & Bill, Jan (2015). The Gokstad Viking Age Trading Site: A voyage of physicochemical prospection.. Archaeologia Polona.  ISSN 0066-5924.  53, s 438- 440
  • Cannell, Rebecca (2014). Geochemical Prospection of a Medieval Graveyard, Furulund, Brandval, Hedmark..
  • Cannell, Rebecca (2013). Integrating analytical scales: 3 dimensional representations of multi-proxy data from the Gokstad Burial Mound, Vestfold, Norway..

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