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Tags: Isotope Analyses, Archaeology


  • Wong, Megan; Brandt, Johann Rasmus; Ahrens, Sven; Jaouen, Klervia; Bjørnstad, Gro; Naumann, Elise; Wenn, Camilla Cecilie; Kiesewetter, Henrike; Laforest, Caroline; Hagelberg, Erika; Lam, Vienna C. & Richards, Michael (2018). Pursuing pilgrims: Isotopic investigations of Roman and Byzantine mobility at Hierapolis, Turkey. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports.  ISSN 2352-409X.  17, s 520- 528 Show summary
  • Wong, Megan; Naumann, Elise; Jaouen, Klervia & Richards, Michael (2017). Isotopic investigations of human diet and mobility at the site of Hierapolis, Turkey, In Johann Rasmus Brandt; Erika Hagelberg; Gro Bjørnstad & Sven Ahrens (ed.),  Life and Death in Asia Minor in Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Times: Studies in Archaeology and Bioarchaeology.  Oxbow Books.  ISBN 9781785703591.  14.  s 228 - 236
  • Naumann, Elise (2015). Isotopanalyser av humane levninger i våpengrav fra Yngre romertid (T814-T815), funnet på Øvre Dalem, Nord-Trøndelag), I: Lotte Hedeager & Lars Forseth (red.),  Dalemfunnet.  Kulturhistorisk museum, Universitetet i Oslo.  ISBN 978-82-8084-203-9.  9.  s 97 - 102
  • Price, T. Douglas & Naumann, Elise (2015). The Peopling of the North Atlantic: Isotopic Results from Norway. Journal of the North Atlantic.  ISSN 1935-1933.  7, s 88- 102 . doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.3721/037.002.sp706
  • Naumann, Elise; Götherström, Anders; Eriksson, Gunilla & Krzewinska, Maja (2014). Slaves as burial gifts in Viking Age Norway? Evidence from stable isotope and ancient DNA analyses. Journal of Archaeological Science.  ISSN 0305-4403.  41, s 533- 540 . doi: 10.1016/j.jas.2013.08.022
  • Naumann, Elise; Price, T. Douglas & Richards, Michael (2014). Changes in dietary practices and social organization during the pivotal late iron age period in Norway (AD 550-1030): Isotope analyses of Merovingian and Viking Age human remains. American Journal of Physical Anthropology.  ISSN 0002-9483.  155(3), s 322- 331 . doi: 10.1002/ajpa.22551
  • Price, T. Douglas; Frei, Karin M. & Naumann, Elise (2014). Isotopic baselines in the North Atlantic Region. Journal of the North Atlantic.  ISSN 1935-1933.  7, s 103- 136 . doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.3721/037.002.sp707

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