Elisabetta Cassina Wolff

Associate Professor - History
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Room NT 529
Visiting address Niels Henrik Abels vei 36 Niels Treschows hus 0851 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1008 Blindern 0315 OSLO

Academic Interests

  • Modern and Contemporary European History
  • Modern and Contemporary European Political Philosophy
  • Italian Political History
  • Fascism, Nazism and authoritarian/totalitarian regimes; Extremism and Radicalism on the Right
  • National states' role within the European integration process


  • Fascism and Neo-fascism as national (Italia) and supranational phenomena
  • Italian History and Contemporary Politics
  • Niccoló Machiavelli
  • Julius Evola and Carlo Costamagna
  • Carlo Rosselli




"Italian History and Politics"

"War and Conflict in the 20th Century"

"The European Way to Modernity. Renaissance in an Historical Perspective (1300-1550)"

"From Marshall-plan to Maastricht. The history of the European Union"

"Mussolini's dictatorship and fascism"

"The French Revolution"

"The third way in Norway. Social-democracy between the Wars in an International Perspective"


"Ideology and terror. Totalitarian regimes, ideas and movements from Benito Mussolini to Osama bin Laden"

Seminars in Theory and Method for students in History


Higher education and employment history

I have a Laurea in Political Philosophy from the University of Turin, Italy (1993). In Oslo since 1994, I worked six years as political analyst at the think-tank Europa-programmet , while teaching in Norwegian universities. I discussed my Ph.D. thesis ‘Starting from the end. Fascist Ideology in Post-War Italy (1945-1953)’ at the Faculty of Humanities in Oslo in 2008. Between 2008 and 2011, I worked as Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Modern and Contemporary History and in Italian History both at the University of Oslo and at Vestfold University College. I won a permenent position at the University of Oslo, Dep. of History, in 2011. Since 1994 I have been freelance and independent political analyst and commentator on Italian politics for Norwegian media.



  • C-REX, Center for Research on Extremism, University of Oslo.
  • NEST, Network for Studies on Totalitarianism and Democracy, University of Oslo.
  • ECPR, European Consortium for Political Research, Standing Group on Extremism and Democracy, UK

  • ECPR, European Consortium for Political Research, Standing Group on Southern European Politics, UK

  • Demokratiprogrammet, Dep. of Political Science, University of Oslo.
  • ASMI, Association for the Study of Modern Italy, London, UK.
  • CONGRIPS, Conference Group on Italian Politics and Society, under ASPA, The American Political Science Association, Washington, USA
  • ISSEI, International Society for the Study of European Ideas.
  • PSA, Political Studies Association, UK
Tags: History, Italian History, Italy, Fascism, Neo-fascism, Right Extremism


  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2017). Fascismens revolusjon. Fortid.  ISSN 1504-1913.  (2), s 73- 80
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  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2015). Carlo Rosselli og liberalsosialisme, I: Øystein Sørensen; Bernt Hagtvet & Nik. Brandal (red.),  Demokratisk beredskap. Intellektuell motstand mot totalitære fristelser.  Dreyer Forlag A/S.  ISBN 9788282651325.  Kapittel 3.  s 61 - 81
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  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2014). 'La nazione non ha superato la prova!' Gli eventi storici italiani dal 1939 al 1945 interpretati da chi perse la guerra, I: Hans Lauge Hansen & Leonardo Cecchini (red.),  Conflictos de la memoria/Memoria de los conflictos. Conflitti della memoria/Memoria dei conflitti: Modelos narrativos de la memoria intergeneracional en España e Italia / Modelli narrativi della memoria intergenerazionale in Italia e Spagna.  Museum Tusculanums Forlag.  ISBN 9788763542395.  kapittel.  s 295 - 305
  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2014). La tela di Penelope della politica italiana: i tentativi di riforma del testo costituzionale dal 1948 al 2012, I: Marco Gargiulo; Margareth Hagen & Stefano Rosatti (red.),  Studi di Italianistica Nordica.  Aracne editrice.  ISBN 9788854878983.  kapittel.  s 357 - 381
  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2013). Biological Racism and Anti-Semitism as Intellectual Constructions in Italian Fascism: The Case of Telesio Interlandi and La difesa della razza, In Rory Yeomans & Anton Weiss-Wendt (ed.),  Racial science in Hitler's new Europe, 1938-1945.  University of Nebraska Press.  ISBN 9780803245075.  Kapittel.  s 175 - 199
  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2012). En ensom ridder mot den moderne verden. Julius Evola og høyreradikalisme i etterkrigstidens Europa, I:  Høyreeksstremisme: Ideer og bevegelser i Europa.  Dreyer Forlag A/S.  ISBN 9788282650564.  kap. 5.  s 161 - 191
  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2012). Men Among the Ruins. The Radical Right in Italy, In Anders Granås Kjøstvedt & Nicola Kristin Karcher (ed.),  Movements and Ideas of the Extreme Right.  Peter Lang Publishing Group.  ISBN 978-3-631-60136-5.  kapittel.  s 163 - 182
  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2011). Risorgimento e identità nazionale nella pubblicistica neofascista dell’immediato dopoguerra. Arena Romanistica.  ISSN 1890-4580.  8, s 159- 174
  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2011). The meaning and role of the concepts of democracy and corporatism in Italian neo-fascist ideology (1945-1953). Modern Italy.  ISSN 1353-2944.  16(3), s 295- 313 . doi: 10.1080/13532944.2010.524887
  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2010). From Majority to Minority : The Shaping of a New Fascist Identity in Post-war Italy, In Cora Alexa Døving & Nicolas Schwaller (ed.),  Minority Narratives and National Memory.  Unipub forlag.  ISBN 978-82-7477-502-2.  Artikkel.  s 135 - 148

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  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2016). Italias politiske historie. 476-1945. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.  ISBN 978-82-02-49020-1.  377 s.
  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2012). L'inchiostro dei vinti. Stampa e ideologia neofascista 1945-1953. Ugo Mursia Editore.  ISBN 978-88-425-4558-3.  414 s.

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  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2017, 20. februar). "Beppe Grillo er mer autoritær enn Berlusconi" intervju med Mads Motrøen. [Tidsskrift].  Minerva.
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  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2014). Politikk Made in Italy. Noen betraktninger om Berlusconi-epoken.
  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2014). The King and the Joker: Italy's Debate on Constitutional Bill 813.
  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2014). When Constitutions really matter: The Italian Debate on the legitimacy of Constitutional Bill no. 813/2013.
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  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2013). Europa i en brytningstid. Vil Europa som kulturbærer svekkes? Vil vestlige lands normative kraft reduseres? kommentar til Asle Toje sitt innlegg.
  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2013). Fra fascismen til dagens høyreekstremisme. En lang og mørk reise gjennom Europa.
  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2013). Fra fascismen til dagens høyreekstremisme. En lang og mørk reise gjennom historien.
  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2013). Hva var renessansen?.
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  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2013). L’inchiostro dei vinti.
  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2013). L’inchiostro dei vinti.
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  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2011). Berlusconi’s constitutional reform proposals within a historical context. The art of transforming everything so that nothing changes.
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  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2011). Neofascist Interpretations of Risorgimento and Criticism to the Mussolinian Project on Anthropological Revolution in Italy (1945-1955).
  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2011). "Neofascist interpretations of Risorgimento and criticism to the Mussolinian project on anthropological revolution in Italy".
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  • Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina (2009). Extremism on the Right in Italian Post-War Fascism. Evola and his Influence on the Young Fascists.

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