Simon Pierre Louis Lebouteiller

Associate Professor - History
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Academic interests

After having studied History and Scandinavian culture, literature and languages at the University of Caen Normandy (France), I defended in 2016 a PhD thesis on peacemaking in the Scandinavian world from the 8th to the 13th century. My research primarily deals with peace rituals and the diplomatic practices used by the Scandinavian elites to resolve conflicts and maintain peaceful relations: message and embassy sendings, mediation, negotiations and meeting places, hostageship, oath-taking, personal bonds... Another important focus of my activities is on the regional variations and the evolution of these practices, as well as the consequences of Christianization and the rise of kingship on them. I am also interested in the representation of peace and peacemaking and its ideological stakes in Scandinavian literature, most notably in historiography, fornaldarsögur Norðrlanda, scaldic poetry or the Eddas. More recently, I developed an interest in the description of Normandy and Normand history in medieval Scandinavian sources and the literary relations between both regions.

Courses taught



2016: Doctorat (PhD) in History, Art history and Archaeology — University of Caen Normandy 

2011: Licence 2 in Slavic Studies — University of Lille 3 Charles de Gaulle

2010: Master 2 (MA) in Scandinavian Studies  — University of Caen Normandy

2010: Master 2 (MA) in Medieval History  — University of Caen Normandy

2008: Licence 3 (BA) in Scandinavian Studies — University of Caen Normandy

2008: Licence 3 (BA) in History — University of Caen Normandy

Previous positions:

2014-2017: Research assistant — Centre Michel de Boüard - Centre de Recherches Archéologiques et Historiques Anciennes et Médiévales — University of Caen Normandy

2012-2016: Temporary teacher in Scandinavian studies — University of Caen Normandy

2011-2012: Temporary teacher in Medieval history — University of Caen Normandy 

2011-2014: Doctoral research fellow — University of Caen Normandy


Tags: History, Viking Age, Vikings, Medieval Scandinavia, Medieval Studies, Medieval History, Norse literature, Political culture, Diplomacy, Peace, Peacemaking, Rituals


S. Lebouteiller, "Le meurtre de Mathilde de Flandre par Guillaume le Conquérant: itinéraire d’une légende dans la littérature islandaise médiévale", Annales de Normandie. (Upcoming)

S. Lebouteiller, "Négocier et faire la paix avec les Vikings: entre familiarité et pragmatisme", Revue d'Histoire Nordique, 22, 2017, pp. 247-266. (Upcoming)

S. Lebouteiller, "Les 'boucliers de paix' et les 'boucliers de guerre' dans la littérature norroise: invention littéraire ou réalité matérielle ?", Tabularia "Études", 16, 2016, pp. 279-304.

S. Lebouteiller, "Les droites extrêmes et populistes scandinaves et les Vikings: constructions, formes et usages d'un mythe identitaire contemporain", Nordiques, 29, mai 2015, pp. 111-123.

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