Call for Papers - Archéologie et Gobelets XXI, Kiel, Germany 17th to 21st of May 2017

Think Global, Act Local! The Transformation of Spatial Interaction and Material Culture in Beaker Contexts of the 3rd Millennium BC in Europe.

The 3rd millennium BC in Europe is a period showing a new quality in the transregional distribution of material culture. What is more, there is a more marked duality between the fragmented pattern of local styles and the new overarching trans-regional elements of material culture, most notably expressed in archaeological terms by the Bell Beaker and Corded Ware phenomena. In this workshop, we want to explore the background of this new quality.

Papers (20 minutes oral presentation or A0 poster) on all aspects of Corded Ware or Bell Beaker research are welcome.

Papers can be given in English (preferred), German or French.

Please send your proposal before 31st of January to Jos Kleijne:

Costs per participant: €40 (student fee €20) to cover expenses. For six scholars who come from far away, a travel stipend (max. €300) can be provided. Applications for this stipend can also be sent to Jos Kleijne.

Read more about the workshop here and here.

Application Deadline: January 31, 2017

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