Participants in Objects and Beliefs in Norway, ca. 800‒1535

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Jon Vidar Sigurdsson Professor +47-22841955 97149914 (mob) +47 97149914 History, Viking Age, Vikings, Medieval Studies, Medieval History, Social History, Cultural history, Church History, Christianity, Iceland, Norway, Scandinavia, Political culture
Noëlle Lynn Wenger Streeton Associate Professor +47-22859323 Conservation, Painting, Art Technology, Material Culture, Theory, Middle Ages, Scandinavia, Social History, Church History
Tine Frøysaker Professor +47-22859634 Conservation
Kaja Kollandsrud Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859564 Conservation, Medieval Studies, Art technology, Medieval science, Visual culture, Material culture, Polychromy, Reconstruction
Lena Liepe Professor +47-22856149 Art History, Middle Ages, Medieval Studies, Iconography, Interpretation and Meaning, Illumination, Historiography, Museums, Image and Cult
Hartmut Kutzke Associate Professor +47-22859477 97985024 (mob)
Katrine S. Scharffenberg Research Assistant
Kristin Bliksrud Aavitsland
Ragnhild Martine Bø Lecturer +47-22856826 +4798032920 Medieval Culture, Art History, Renaissance, Manuscript Culture, Material Culture
Svein Harald Gullbekk Professor +47-22859946 91534240 (mob) Numismatics, medieval history, coinage, coin-finds, medieval monetization
Kjartan Hauglid Student
Mona Bramer Solhaug Professor Emeritus +47-22859595
Unn Plahter
Julie Lund Associate Professor +47-22841941 Archaeology, Viking Age

Other participants

  • Erla Karine Hohler