Hansteen Symposium 2010

Wednesday 3 November

Forum for University History

The National Library, Auditorium (Program)

09:30 John Peter Collett (UiO) Formal opening

09:45 Vidar Enebakk (UiO) Workshop: Organizing outreach activities at old observatories
10:00 Gloria Clifton (Greenwich)
10:30 Inga Elmquist Söderlund (Stockholm)
11:00 Reet Magi (Tartu)
11:30 Gudrun Wolfschmidt (Hamburg)

12:00 Lunch

13.00 Charlotte Bigg (Paris)
Staging the heavens: Astrophysics and popular astronomy in the late 19th century

13:30 Kira Moss (Copenhagen)
A popular view of the northern lights - notes on Sophus Tromholt

14:00 Dan Ch. Christensen (Roskilde)
Ørsted's triumphal progress in Germany, France, and Britain 1822-23 and his
geomagnetical investigations for Hansteen on the route

14:30 Gregory Good (USA)
Geomagnetic science at the time of Hansteen: Ideas, Instruments, and Individuals

15:00 Vidar Enebakk (UiO)
Hansteen and British polar history, 1819-1839


Emneord: Historie, Universitetshistorie, Vitenskapshistorie
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