Tor Egil Førland

Cold Economic Warfare: CoCom and the Forging of Strategic Export Controls, 1948-1954    

One of the least known aspects of the Cold War is the Western strategic embargo of the Soviet bloc. On U.S. initiative a Coordinating Committee (CoCom) was established in 1949–50, with the aim of preventing exports to Eastern Europe of goods that might benefit Soviet bloc war potential. The United States wanted a more comprehensive embargo than its West European allies.

After the outbreak of war in Korea, pressure from Congress and the Commerce Department led to an expansion of the CoCom lists. Throwing new light on intra-alliance policy-making, this book explores the creation of CoCom and the widening of the controls as well as the attempts by Britain to scale down the embargo after the end of the Korean War.

Publisert 16. juni 2010 13:11