Håkon Glørstad and Christopher Prescott (eds.)

Neolithisation as if history mattered. Processes of Neolithisation in North-Western Europe

Since the beginning of the 1990’s the field of Neolithic research has been dominated by interpretationsof European history as a diverse, local and historically anchored process.

Behind this idiographic interest is, however, a predilection for universality. Can general principles
or trends be established, or is Neolithisation a locally specific process? Are there any common themes that ink otherwise historically discrete developments? And what does the Neolithic represent in different regions?

This anthology is based on papers presented at a session entitled Neolithisation as if history mattered at the 12th EAA conference in Cracow, Poland, in 2006. A few papers have been added, compared to theoriginal programme, to furnish a fuller thematic and geographical presentation of the subject. The articlesexplore the tensions between structure and history in understanding Neolithic developments in North-
Western Europe with an emphasis on key regions and new studies. The articles provide an up-to-date
survey of trends in Neolithic research in North-Western

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