Global Shipping in Small Nations

Redigert av Stig Tenold, Martin Jes Iversen og Even Lange 

The Nordic countries have played a key role in shipping for over a century, but have had to contend with declining employment and loss of markets over the last fifty years. Globalization has led to a series of new challenges and opportunities in the maritime industries - both the rules of the game and the playing field have changed. This book analyzes how shipping companies and authorities in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland have adapted to these changes. It explains why important parts of Nordic shipping failed to respond effectively to the economic integration process, while other parts were able to exploit the global growth opportunities. By linking company strategies to changes in political and institutional frameworks, this book maps out the transformation of an entire industry. (Forlagets omtale)

Post.doc Espen Ekberg bidrar med kapitellet 'Nordic Shipping: A Statistical Overview'

Publisert 23. jan. 2012 10:09