Paint and Piety: Collected Essays on Medieval Painting and Polychrome Sculpture

Redigert av Noëlle L.W. Streeton, IAKH og Kaja Kollandsrud, KHM og med bidrag fra flere ansatte ved UiO.

The book presents collected essays on medieval painting and polychrome sculpture, which are written by researchers across UiO, Norway and abroad. The editors, Noëlle Streeton (Conservation Studies, IAKH) and Kaja Kollandsrud (Conservation, Museum of Cultural History) aimed to explore the spectrum of vantage points and methodologies for studying the phenomena of painting over c.450 years.

The essays are based on papers delivered to a medieval forum held in Oslo in November 2010, which were part of discussions around topics related to medieval objects in Scandinavian collections. A primary goal of the forum was to gain a multifaceted overview of current scholarship devoted to medieval paint and painting. The sum of the individual contributions is a panorama of the sort that has come to characterise the interactions and rich discourse between conservators, conservation scientists and historians.

The resulting knowledge base is not only presented in Paint and Piety, but has become a theoretical and practical underpinning for a number of projects. These include the major project known as ‘After the Black Death: Painting and polychrome sculpture in Norway, 1350‒1550’, which is based in Conservation Studies and is funded by the Norwegian Research Council between 2014 and 2017. See Kaja Kollandsrud’s contribution also forms the basis for her PhD project, provisionally entitled ‘Evoking the divine. The materiality of sacred polychrome wooden sculpture in Norway from the period 1100–1350’.

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Introduction: The medieval collection of the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo: a tradition of scholarship - Erla Hohler and Noëlle L.W. Streeton

Part I. Locating the sacred

The longue durée of ‘Romanesque’ altar decorations: frontals, canopies, and altar sculptures - Justin Kroesen

The presence of the sacred: relics in medieval wooden statues of Scandinavia - Lena Liepe

A perspective on medieval perception of Norwegian church art - Kaja Kollandsrud

Distribution of reliquaries and relics in the bishopric of Hólar, c. 1320 - Jón Viðar Sigurðsson

Part II. Artistic production in the thirteenth century

The Sedes Sapientiae of the van den Peereboom donation to the Royal Museum of Art and History in Brussels. Materials and techniques of a polychrome sculpture from the beginning of the thirteenth Century - Emmanuelle Mercier and Jana Sanyova

Possible English influence on Danish polychrome wooden sculpture of the thirteenth Century - Ebbe Nyborg

Part III. Objects and the English church

The tester over the tomb of Richard II and Anne of Bohemia, Westminster Abbey - Abigail Granville

Investigating medieval polychromy of West Country rood screens - Eddie Sinclair

Reflections and translations – carving and painting rood screens - Spike Bucklow

Part IV. Material histories for late medieval and early modern painting ‒ conservation and the history of art

The so-called ‘Leka group’: new information based on examinations of four triptychs - Tone M. Olstad

The altarpiece from Vardø church, Finnmark: technological and art historical context - Daniela Pawel

Bernard van Orley’s The Marriage of the Virgin and Christ Among the Doctors: technical examination and the search for context - Carol Christiansen and John Hand

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