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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Sandvik, Håkon Professor Emeritus +47-22857546 Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Picture of Jens Saugstad Saugstad, Jens Professor +47-22856978 +47-90608040 Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Serangeli, Ambra PhD Candidate - Philosophy Philosophy
Picture of Camilla Serck-Hanssen Serck-Hanssen, Camilla Professor +47-22844452 Philosophy, Ex.phil, History of philosophy and ideas, Kant, Phenomenology, Metaphysics
Shah, Feroz Mehmood Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859150 Philosophy
Picture of Jo Sivertsen Sivertsen, Jo Lecturer +47-22855795 Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Picture of Øystein Skar Skar, Øystein +47-22857752 Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Skarsaune, Knut Olav Postdoctoral Fellow + 47 22855724 Philosophy
Picture of Kari Sletnes Sletnes, Kari Lecturer +47-22855846 +47-99544539 +4799544539 Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Smajdor, Anna Associate Professor +47-22857546 Philosophy, Ethics, bioethics, reproduction
Picture of Rachel Sterken Sterken, Rachel Associate Professor Philosophy
Strand, Arne Lecturer +47-22857127 Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Picture of Caj Strandberg Strandberg, Caj Professor +47-22844833 Philosophy
Picture of Kristoffer Sundberg Sundberg, Kristoffer Doctoral Research Fellow Philosophy
Picture of Torstein Tollefsen Tollefsen, Torstein Professor +47-22857548 Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Picture of Ingvild Torsen Torsen, Ingvild Associate Professor +47-22857850 Philosophy, Phenomenology, Aesthetics, Continental Philosophy, Heidegger)
Picture of Franco Trivigno Trivigno, Franco Professor +47-22844443 +97 22 84 44 43 Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Ethics
Picture of Joost Jacob Vecht Vecht, Joost Jacob Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22855323 Philosophy
Picture of Arne Johan Vetlesen Vetlesen, Arne Johan Professor +47-22857754 Philosophy
Vikesdal, Sara Kasin Doctoral Research Fellow Philosophy
Picture of Hilde Vinje Vinje, Hilde PhD Candidate - Philosophy Philosophy, Antiquity
Picture of Else I Wiestad Wiestad, Else I Professor Emeritus +47-22857632 +47-22 46 21 07 Philosophy,
Picture of Aksel Øijord Øijord, Aksel Lecturer +47-22854108 Philosophy, Ex.phil
Picture of Tor Ivar Østmoe Østmoe, Tor Ivar Higher Executive Officer +47-22855524 Student and Academic Administration, Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Picture of Solveig Aasen Aasen, Solveig Associate Professor +47-22855726 +4790084465 Philosophy, Philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, Aesthetics, Metaphysics