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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Malmanger, Magne Professor Emeritus Art History
Picture of Maria Alejandra Mancilla Mancilla, Maria Alejandra Associate Professor +47-22841677 Political philosophy, Ethics, History of ideas, Environmental ethics
Picture of Jens Mangerud Mangerud, Jens Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22857035 Greek papyri
Picture of Anastasia Maravela Maravela, Anastasia Professor +47-22856843 Lexicography, Greek medicine, Textual criticism, Greek papyri, Narrative theory, Intertextuality, Technical vocabulary, Ancient Greek, Early Greek epic poetry, Early Greek lyric poetry
Picture of Ingrid Margareta Markussen Markussen, Ingrid Margareta Professor Emeritus History of ideas
Picture of Nikita  Mathias Mathias, Nikita PhD candidate with external funding; nikita.mathias Art History, Media History, Landscape painting, Cinema and Film Studies, Immersion, Aesthetics
Mathisen, Steinar Professor Emeritus 91164522 Ex.phil., Philosophy
Picture of Emil Leth Meilvang Meilvang, Emil Leth Doctoral Research Fellow Modernisme, Art History, History of Science, Life, Avantgarde
Picture of Jorid  Moen Moen, Jorid PhD candidate +47 90361801 Philosophy, Pragmatism, Philosophy of science, Philosophy of mind, Psychiatry
Picture of Ole Martin Moen Moen, Ole Martin Researcher +47-22859102 +47-41686074 Philosophy
Picture of Ragnar Braastad Myklebust Myklebust, Ragnar Braastad +47-22857545 Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Picture of Hedda Hassel Mørch Mørch, Hedda Hassel Postdoctoral Fellow Philosophy of mind, Metaphysics, Philosophy
Picture of Erik Mørstad Mørstad, Erik Associate Professor +47-22855567 +47 90724482 Modernisme/modernity, french film, Nathalie Heinich, Edvard Munch, Gustav Vigeland, Henrik Ibsen
Picture of Anders Nes Nes, Anders Researcher +47-22841663 99521468 Philosophy
Nilsson, Ingela Professor II Classics
Oftedal, Gry Researcher +47-22841062 Philosophy
Picture of Gabriele Oropallo Oropallo, Gabriele Research Fellow, Design History +4722855331 +4748189164 Design, Architecture, Sustainability, Climate Change, Politics, Environmentalism, Development
Picture of Panagiotis Pavlos Pavlos, Panagiotis Church Fathers, Neoplatonism, Ancient Philosophy, Early Middle Ages, Late Antiquity
Picture of Arild Pedersen Pedersen, Arild Professor Emeritus Philosophy, Ex.p
Pedersen, Kim Phillips Doctoral Research Fellow Philosophy
Picture of Andrew Robert Peet Peet, Andrew Robert Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Tove Pettersen Pettersen, Tove Professor +47-22855849 Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Petterson, Einar Robert Professor +47-22855368 Art History
Picture of Ellef Prestsæter Prestsæter, Ellef Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Inger Julie Nygaard Preus Preus, Inger Julie Nygaard Professor Emeritus +47-22855994 Philosophy, Ex.phil.