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Picture of Øivind Lorenz Storm Bjerke Bjerke, Øivind Lorenz Storm Professor +47-22855379 90888086 o.l.s.bjerke@ifikk.uio.no Art History, Munch
Picture of Ina Blom Blom, Ina Professor +47-22855366 ina.blom@ifikk.uio.no Art History, Media Aesthetics, Media Archaeology, 20th Century, Avant-garde studies, Modernism, Aesthetics, Art, Technologies and Media, Memory Studies
Picture of Kjetil Fallan Fallan, Kjetil Professor +47-22858613 +47-90937874 kjetil.fallan@ifikk.uio.no Art History, Design History, Cultural History, Design Studies, Modernism, Industrial Design, Material Culture, Popular Culture, Scandinavian Design
Picture of Anny Fremmerlid Fremmerlid, Anny Senior Lecturer +47-22857354 +47-92416141 anny.fremmerlid@ifikk.uio.no Art History, Printmaking history, Printmaking techniques, Modernism, Naturalism
Picture of Espen Johnsen Johnsen, Espen Professor +47-22858178 espen.johnsen@ifikk.uio.no Art History
Picture of Bente Larsen Larsen, Bente Professor +47-22856734 bente.larsen@ifikk.uio.no Art History, Aesthetics, Modernism
Picture of Lena Liepe Liepe, Lena Professor +47-22856149 lena.liepe@ifikk.uio.no Art History, Middle Ages, Medieval Studies, Iconography, Interpretation and Meaning, Illumination, Historiography, Museums, Image and Cult
Picture of Erik Mørstad Mørstad, Erik Associate Professor +47-22855567 +47 90724482 erik.morstad@ifikk.uio.no Art History, Modernism, Munch, Nathalie Heinich, Henrik Ibsen, Gustav Vigeland
Petterson, Einar Robert Professor +47-22855368 e.r.petterson@ifikk.uio.no Art History
Picture of Øystein Sjåstad Sjåstad, Øystein Associate Professor +47-22841057 oystein.sjastad@hf.uio.no Art History, Modernism, Comics and Graphic Novels, Semiotics
Picture of Brigitte Bo Stolpmann Stolpmann, Brigitte Bo Lecturer +47-22855327 b.b.stolpmann@ifikk.uio.no Art History, Photography
Picture of Per Sigurd Tveitevåg Styve Styve, Per Sigurd Tveitevåg Associate Professor +47-22855308 p.s.t.styve@ifikk.uio.no Art History
Picture of Aron Vinegar Vinegar, Aron Professor +47-22857178 924 40 014 aron.vinegar@ifikk.uio.no Art History, Aesthetics
Picture of Pasi Väliaho Väliaho, Pasi Professor +47-22845503 pasi.valiaho@ifikk.uio.no Art History, Media Archaeology, Aesthetics