Carlos Hernández Garcés

PhD Candidate
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Room 515
Visiting address Blindernveien 31 Georg Morgenstiernes hus 0313 Oslo
Postal address Mailbox 1020 Blindern

Academic Interests

Greek literature

Greek language



PhD project

Herodotus’ Histories bears witness to a fundamental step in man’s groping for emancipation from fate. In the fate-ridden horizon of Herodotus’ work human responsibility can be seen to dawn cheek by jowl with the notion of choice at critical junctures. With that in mind, this thesis posits that the narrative Herodotus built was suffused with a temporality defined by aitia rather than by khronos. Therefore, I embark on an exploration of a defining aspect of the temporality of the Histories blocked from view by the one-to-one identification of time with chronology, namely, ‘cause’ and/or ‘responsibility’.

On the narrative level, this idea crystallises in the council scenes. In the critical moments before a decision was made, the future hung in the balance, undecided, and the stance each participant took made them responsible for the realisation of that particular future. Conjuring up the eventness of those instants, Herodotus represents in dramatic form the manner in which one future was opted into existence at the expense of other alternative futures. Ultimately, by doing so the narration sought the complicity of the audience, as it incited people to step into the shoes of the characters to avoid similar mistakes in the processes of decision-making of their own (historical) context.


Higher education and employment history

2015, September 29 - October 9 Field archaeologist assistant (Iraklia,Greece), The Norwegian Institute at Athens

2015, June 8 - 21 NASK 2015 Archaeological surface survey of the Karystia (Eubea, Greece), The Norwegian Institute at Athens

2015, February 1 - Doctoral research fellow, Dept. of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas, University of Oslo

2014, June 16 - 27 NASK 2014 Archaeological surface survey of the Karystia (Eubea, Greece), The Norwegian Institute at Athens

2013 - 2014 Research assistant, Dept. of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas, University of Oslo

2010 - 2012 Research assistant, University of Valladolid

Léxico Jurídico Griego Bizantino - Español

2010 - 2011 MA in Archaeology and Heritage Management, University of Alcala

2009 - 2010 MA in Classics, Autonomous University of Madrid, The Complutense University and University of Alcala

2004 - 2009 BA in Classics, Autonomous University of Madrid

2001 - 2009 (intermittently) Field and laboratory archaeologist assistant, Dublin and Dundalk (Ireland), and Madrid (Spain)



‘Cacophonie archéologiqueʼ, Specimen, revue d'art et d'essai 9 (2016) 17-20.

Medicalia Online

Co-author of the lemma ἐγκατατομικός for the Project Medicalia Online (2016)

Translations (English - Spanish)

‘Séneca y la Divinidad: Tradición Estoica y Evoluciones Personalesʼ, Estudios Clásicos 139 (2011) 7-60.

‘Catálogos, priameles y estructura estrófica de la elegía griega arcaicaʼ, Estudios Clásicos 138 (2010) 7-26.

‘La expresión del movimiento en griego e indoeuropeo. Una aproximación tipológicaʼ, Estudios Clásicos 137 (2010) 7-28.

Book Reviews:

‘La ciudad del pez espada. La vida de los griegos en el antiguo Egiptoʼ, Estudios Clásicos 137 (2010) 99-100.

‘Así vivieron en la antigua Grecia. Un viaje a nuestro pasadoʼ, Revista Iris 21 (2010).

Tags: Classics


  • Hernandez Garces, Carlos (2016). Cacophonie archéologique. Specimen.  ISSN 2258-7314.  (9), s 17- 20

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