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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Julia Annas Annas, Julia Professor of Philosophy, University of Arizona jannas@u.arizona.edu
Bagnoli, Carla Professor II carla.bagnoli@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy
Picture of Berit Brogaard Brogaard, Berit Professor II berit.brogaard@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy
Picture of Andreas Brekke Carlsson Carlsson, Andreas Brekke Researcher +47-22841065 a.b.carlsson@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy
Picture of Lars Christie Christie, Lars Associate Professor lars.christie@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy
Picture of Ingrid Lossius Falkum Falkum, Ingrid Lossius Researcher +47-22844838 i.l.falkum@ifikk.uio.no
Picture of Jola Feix Feix, Jola Doctoral Research Fellow jola.feix@csmn.uio.no
Picture of Hege Cathrine Finholt Finholt, Hege Cathrine Adviser +47-22857547 h.c.finholt@medisin.uio.no Philosophy, Ex.phil.
Picture of Mirela Fus Fus, Mirela Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22844839 mirela.fus@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy, Philosophy of language, Metaphilosophy
Gjesdal, Kristin Professor II kgjesdal@temple.edu Philosophy
Gjoevikli, Lars Doctoral Research Fellow lars.gjoevikli@ifikk.uio.no
Picture of Toni Tapio Kannisto Kannisto, Toni Tapio Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22854729 t.t.kannisto@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy
Picture of Franziska Köder Köder, Franziska Postdoctoral Fellow franziska.koder@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy
Picture of Ole Martin Moen Moen, Ole Martin Researcher +47-22859102 +47-41686074 o.m.moen@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy
Picture of Hedda Hassel Mørch Mørch, Hedda Hassel Postdoctoral Fellow h.h.morch@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy, Philosophy of mind, Metaphysics
Picture of Anders Nes Nes, Anders Researcher +47-22841663 99521468 anders.nes@csmn.uio.no Philosophy
Oftedal, Gry Researcher +47-22841062 gry.oftedal@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy
Picture of Panagiotis Pavlos Pavlos, Panagiotis panagiotis.pavlos@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy, Late Antiquity, Early Middle Ages, Church Fathers
Pedersen, Kim Phillips Doctoral Research Fellow k.p.pedersen@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy
Peet, Andrew Robert Postdoctoral Fellow a.r.peet@ifikk.uio.no
Picture of Thomas Pogge Pogge, Thomas Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs,Yale University thomas.pogge@yale.edu
Picture of Agustín Rayo Fierro Rayo Fierro, Agustín Professor II a.r.fierro@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy
Richard, Mark E. Professor II m.e.richard@ifikk.uio.no
Picture of Jeroen Rijnders Rijnders, Jeroen Doctoral Research Fellow +4745837308 jeroen.rijnders@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy, Moral psychology, metaethics, agency, control, moral emotions, moral reasoning, moral cognition, virtue ethics, nature of normativity, nature of value, moral knowledge, moral responsibility, moral development, moral education
Roberts, Sam Royston Postdoctoral Fellow s.r.roberts@ifikk.uio.no