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Areas of specialisation

Philosophy of science, metaphysics, causation and explanation, mental causation


Areas of interest

Philosophy of biology, philosophical methodology, corporate agency and control, philosophy of evidence-based practice, philosophy of music



Strand is currently working within philosophy of science, focusing on the nature of assumptions involved in causal reasoning. This includes the role of modularity assumptions and normative assumptions in the judgment of relevant causal factors, and in the choice of explanatory levels. He also has an interest in the role of structural control for individual and corporate agency and responsibility.

Strand defended his PhD thesis on mental causation at the University of Oslo in May 2008. While writing his PhD, he spent the academic year 2005-2006 as a visiting scholar at Rutgers University, New Jersey. During his post.doc at UiO, he focused on causation, causal explanation and reduction in light of biology, resulting in papers on robustness, functional stability, higher-level causation and causal dependence.


Projects, roles and affiliations

Researcher at CRedS (Causation and Reduction in Systems Biology), which is a philosophy of science project following up on key issues from the PSBio Project. CRedS is financed by the Research Council of Norway and UiO, and runs 2014-2018.

Board member of the Science Studies Colloquium series (Forum for Vitenskapsteori) at UiO.

Core group member of PSBio (Philosophical foundations for Systems Biology), which is a Nordic collaborative project engaging philosophers of science in Oslo, Copenhagen, and Helsinki, 2009-2015.

Project participant in NanoRedux, a project pilot focusing on philosophical aspects of nanomedicine, 2013-2014.

Affiliate of CSMN (Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature), info on CSMN is available here.

Department Board member at IFIKK, UiO, 2011-2012.

Affiliate of the Ethics Program, UiO, 2009-2012.


Teaching and supervision

FIL4080 (methodology and master project development), several versions of FIL4200 (epistemology and philosophy of science) and FIL4100 (metaphysics and philosophy of mind), plenary lectures on moral relativism at Ex.Phil, the social science version of Ex.fac, and PhD level courses on theory of science.

Master thesis supervision in philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, metaphysics, philosophical methodology, and philosophy of evidence-based medicine.

PhD supervision in philosophy of biology.

Tags: Metaphysics, Epistemology, Causation, Philosophy, Philosophy of mind, Philosophy of science


  • Strand, Anders (2017). Values in Nanomedical Research: A Discussion Based on the NANOCAN Project on Nanoparticles in Cancer Therapy and Diagnosis. NanoEthics.  ISSN 1871-4757.  11(3), s 259- 271 . doi: 10.1007/s11569-017-0295-4
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  • Strand, Anders & Parkkinen, Veli-Pekka (2014). Causal knowledge in evidence-based medicine. in reply to Kerry et al.'s causation and evidence-based practice: An ontological review. Journal of Evaluation In Clinical Practice.  ISSN 1356-1294.  20(6), s 981- 984 . doi: 10.1111/jep.12093
  • Strand, Anders & Oftedal, Gry (2013). Causation and counterfactual dependence in robust biological systems, In Hanne Andersen; Dennis Dieks; Wenceslao J. Gonzalez; Thomas Uebel & Gregory Wheeler (ed.),  New Challenges to Philosophy of Science.  Springer.  ISBN 978-94-007-5844-5.  Team B: Philosophy of biology.  s 179 - 193
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  • Strand, Anders (2007). Immense Multiple Realization. Metaphysica.  ISSN 1437-2053.  8(1), s 61- 78

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