Jeroen Rijnders

Doctoral Research Fellow
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Mobile phone +4745837308
Room 613
Visiting address Georg Morgenstiernes Hus Blindernveien 31 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1020 Blindern 0315 Oslo

Automatic and Virtuous Moral Agency
My research at the UiO concerns the concept of ‘moral character’ in relation to the ‘automaticity’ of moral behaviour, exploring an in-direct, characterological-developmental notion of moral agency.

To this aim the project addresses both empirical and theoretical debates in contemporary cognitive psychology and metaethics, focussing on the nature of character, the role of conscious rationality in its development, and its function in controlling moral behaviour.

Academic interests
Moral psychology, metaethics, agency, control, moral emotions, moral reasoning, moral cognition, virtue ethics, the nature of normativity/value, moral knowledge, moral responsibility, moral development/education and the role of arts therein.

History of education
Philosophy (MA: Metaethics, philosophy of psychology & biology), King’s College London, UK.

Empirical Ethics (MA: Moral psychology), OZSW VU University Amsterdam, NL.

Philosophy (BA Honours: Metaethics, virtue ethics), University of Edinburgh, UK.

Moral Psychology (BA: Moral cognition), Leiden University, NL.

Philosophy (BA: Metaethics, neurophilosophy, antique ethics), University of Amsterdam, NL.

Literature (BA: Ancient Greek, Russian), University of Amsterdam, NL.

Fine Arts (BA: Writing, drawing, dialectics), ArtEZ Academy for Art & Design, Arnhem, NL.

Work experience
Classical Philosophy BA (Leiden University, NL)
Research and teaching assistant, Prof. Dr. F.A.J. De Haas

OPTIMUS Schooling Community (Den Bosch, NL)
Reorienting Educational Values (Innovation stipend of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture & Innovation).

Het Nieuwe Trivium/SCN (Amsterdam, NL)
Socratic dialogue leader and trainer, in companies and schools.

Felix Meritis, Felix & Sofie (Amsterdam, NL)
Organisation and moderation philosophical debates.

Selected publications and orations
Rijnders, J. (2013/02) The Explanatory Reach of Neuroscience, Cimedart, University of Amsterdam.

Rijnders, J. (2012/10) A Banal Realist Culture, Felix Meritis, Amsterdam, NL

Rijnders, J. (2012/05) Moving beyond Subjectivism, even/especially in arts, De Volkskrant.

Rijnders, J. (2011/04) Schooling is questioning: “What is of Value?”, Cimedart, University of Amsterdam.

Rijnders, J. (2011/02) From Human Nature to a Humane Society, Nait Soez'n, Royal University Groningen.

Rijnders, J. (2011/02) Perspectives on & from Economic Servitude, Cimedart, University of Amsterdam.

Rijnders, J. (2010/05) Global Identitycrisis, 21Rozendaal/All About Art Magazine.

Rijnders, J. (2009/06) On Art Business & Art Education, Luxity Magazine.


Tags: metaethics, agency, moral emotions, Philosophy, Moral psychology, control, moral cognition, virtue ethics, nature of normativity, moral knowledge, moral responsibility, moral development, moral education, moral reasoning, nature of value
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