A Novel Afternoon II

The Novel and the Romance from Generic and Historical Perspectives. Open for all.

The novel as a literary form has travelled far and wide: from the shores of the Mediterranean, to the libraries of Byzantium, the salons of the early modern period, the book shops of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and into the digital age. We study the novel and romance tradition across different periods, within different national contexts and informed by different disciplinary backgrounds. At the first ‘novel afternoon’, held in March 2017, we brought together Scandinavian scholars engaging with these different aspects of the novel in order to start a conversation and explore potentials for collaboration.

At this second ‘novel afternoon’ we will delve into the relation between the novel and its twin-genre, the romance, with talks from different generic and historical perspectives and a discussion based on a shared critical reading.

Six scholars will present ongoing work: Silvio Bär (Oslo), Adam Goldwyn (Fargo), Bente Lassen (Oslo), Karin Kukkonen (Oslo), Ingela Nilsson (Uppsala/Oslo) and Simona Zetterberg Gjerlevsen (Aarhus).

As a point of departure for the joint discussion, participants are kindly asked to read chapters 1-3 in The Nature of Narrative (1966) – the foundational book by Robert Scholes and Robert Kellogg, provided with a new chapter by James Phelan in the 2006 edition. Questions such as the relation between novel and romance, not the least in a diachronical perspective, remain unresolved and understudied, and this will be a good occasion to start thinking together across disciplinary boundaries about the distinctions and convergences between these generic terms.

The event is organized in collaboration with the Text and Narrative in Byzantium research network at Uppsala University, funded by Riksbankens jubileumsfond.

Please also note that this second ‘novel afternoon’ will be followed by an ‘epic afternoon’ on 12 October. We will then discuss the flexible and inclusive character of epics, tracing it from antiquity into modern days. Among our guests then will be Irene de Jong (Amsterdam) and Mats Malm (Göteborg).

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