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NanoRedux - Perspectives on Reduction in Nanomedicine (completed)

The NanoRedux project will investigate reduction in Nanomedicine and its possible implications for conceptualizing higher-level phenomena such as disease, health, life and personhood.

 About the project

The project aims to provide a better understanding of foundational aspects of nanomedicine, such as possible reductionist scientific assumptions, visions, metaphors and values that are relevant for setting the agenda for ethical discussion and that may have important implications concerning policy development and the formation of views on human identity, disease and health. The pilot will have two main foci. The first part will concentrate on the more foundational issues of reduction in nanomedicine, while the second part will focus on practical ethical implications and policy issues related to reductive approaches in nanomedicine.


The main question to be answered in this project is:

How should we understand the concept of reduction at play in nanomedicine and the implications of reductionist assumptions, methodology, and constraints for conceptualizing higher-level phenomena, such as disease, health, life and personhood?


the project is funded by the RCNs ELSA program


Cooperation is established between NanoRedux and a research group at the Radium Hospital in Oslo, and a research group at the Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

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Project leader

Gry Oftedal