Workshop: Typed vs. Untyped Approaches to Semantics


In both linguistic and model-theoretic semantics, there is a choice
between typed and untyped approaches: Are there many distinct types or
categories of semantic values or just one? Examples of typed
approaches include Frege’s distinction between objects and concepts
and George Boolos’s semantics for plurals, whereas set-theoretic
semantics provides an example of an untyped approach.
Questions may include the following.
  •  Ramsey on the distinction between universals and particulars
  •  Frege’s problem of the concept horse.
  •  Gödel’s criticism of typed approaches
  •  To what extent is contemporary semantics committed to type distinctions?


Introductory Remarks by Øystein Linnebo
Stephan Krämer  2-3:15 "Something More"
David Liebesman 3:30- 4:45 "Expressibility Problems and Type Assignment"
Ansten Mørch Klev 5-6:15 "Formal and Material Categories"
Bob Hale 9:15-10:30 "No Need for Salt"
Salvatore Florio  10:45-12 "Varieties of Singularism"
Ken Akiba  1:15-2:30 "Boolean Type Theory for Natural Language Semantics"
Fraser MacBride 2:45-4 "Sorting Out Ramsey"
The event is organized in connection with Øystein Linnebo's ERC
Starting Grant "Plurals, Predicates, and Paradox
To register or in case of any questions, please email Salvatore
Florio. For accommodation, consult this list of suggestions.
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