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Allocation of supervisors

The research communities at IFIKK have different routines for allocating supervisors. In general, supervisors are allocated according to the topic of the Master’s course, but the method and timing of allocation differ.

Allocation of your supervisor

You will be allocated a supervisor at the department based on your approved project description. You must submit a project description with a topic that is linked to your study programme.

  • Philosophy (60 credits) FIL4080 in the first semester
  • Greek (30 credits), ANT4502 in the second/third semester
  • History of Ideas (30 credits), EKUL4003 in the second semester
  • History of Ideas (60 credits), IDE4000 in the first semester (only H14)
  • History of Art and Visual Studies (60 credits), KUN4010 in the first semester
  • Latin (30 credits), ANT4502 in the second/third semester


Co-supervisors are only allocated in a few special cases. Co-supervisors are allocated formally by the department in the same way as the main supervisor. It is the academic community that decides whether a Master’s project needs a co-supervisor on the basis of the project description submitted. In principle, we envisage co-supervisors undertaking one third of the supervision, while the main supervisor does two thirds. However, the distribution of responsibility and the amount of supervision time that two supervisors should spend on a student will always be assessed by the department based on individual needs.

If the supervisory relationship breaks down

If the supervisory relationship is not working satisfactorily for either the student or the supervisor for academic or other reasons, the student or the supervisor can ask to be released from the arrangement. A new supervisor must then be agreed with the department. In such cases, students must contact the student adviser.

Changing your project after it has been approved and a supervisor has been allocated?

  • If your project has taken a very different direction during the first 2–3 months of the supervisory relationship, you do not need to apply to change projects.
  • If you want to change supervisor or if you have a long time on the original project, you need to seek approval for a new project. The application must include a project description and justification of the change, and be forwarded to the student adviser.

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Structure and execution of your Master’s study programme:

Supervisor catalogues for IFIKK’s subjects:

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